GV Extension Adds Native Google Voice SMS Functionality to the iPhone

Now that Google Voice is back on the iPhone (natively), many of us are using the app to send SMS messages. Still, since there is no real way to set an app as a default SMS handler, we found ourselves using both the SMS app and whichever GV app we found most useful.

No more! There’s a new tweak in Cydia that merges the two. SMS GV Extension sets your Google Voice account as the default handler of text messages. Now when you send or receive text messages, it will be exclusively handled through the Google Voice API, and not your text messaging plan through your carrier.

For some of you, this is awesome. ┬áBut there is a huge limitation with this solution…

We waited so long for MMS to come to the iPhone. Apple made us wait, then AT&T made us wait. Now we have the option to text for free altogether with this marvelous tweak, but guess what? Google Voice doesn’t support MMS.

If you don’t need the MMS functionality and would rather save money by using SMS alone, this tweak is for you. For the rest of us that send and receive picture or video messages, pass this one by until Google steps up their game.

GV SMS Extension goes for $2.99 in the Cydia Store. If you want to try before you buy, the no-time-limit free trial (do they mean demo?) will let you send, but not receive.

Are any of you going to try it, or does anyone already have it? I’d like to hear about it.