Google Voice App GV Mobile+ for iPhone Released

Sean Kovacs’s Google Voice application for iPhone GV Mobile+ has finally been released in the App Store. After being removed from the App Store for replicating already existing features of the iPhone, Google Voice Mobile made its way to Cydia. Then when Apple loosened the app approval process a few days ago, they told Kovacs he could resubmit his application.

GV Mobile+ is probably the most popular Google Voice application, but it is not the first one to appear in the App Store. Yesterday, GV Connect was officially approved and became the first Google Voice application to return to the Store for download…

GV Mobile+ is available for download for $2.99. Developer Sean Kovacs said he will be giving away promo codes on Twitter and he will also make the application free for a short period of time. So if you don’t feel like paying 3 bucks now, hang on for a while until it’s free (I know I will).