‘HUD Controls Plus’ Allows You to Launch Apps Straight From Your Heads Up Display

Over the years, many a jailbreak tweak has taken advantage of the heads up display that appears when you press one of your iPhone’s volume keys; for instance, biteSMS allows you to invoke quick compose for SMS messages by simply tapping the HUD when it appears.

While most tweaks that use the HUD only utilize it for some auxiliary function, HUD Controls Plus focuses solely on the HUD.

With that in mind, it’s appropriate to refer to HUD Controls Plus as a supercharger for your iPhone’s heads up display…


The version displayed in the video above is a pre-release version, so I wasn’t able to play with some of the new features, but rest assured that this version is a lot more fleshed out than the one demonstrated on video.

For $1 on the Cydia store, you gain the ability to add album artwork from your current playing song on iTunes, adjust the font color, compose new email or text message, and launch apps directly from the HUD.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, and you decide to purchase HUD Controls Plus, let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.