Tips to Help You Capture Fireworks With Your iPhone’s Camera

It’s 4th of July weekend, and for everybody stateside, that probably means your camera will be working overtime. Friends, family, fireworks — all are on the list of potential Facebook or Instagram posts.

If your iPhone happens to be your primary picture-taker, you’re going to want to check this out. TUAW just posted some helpful tips on how to properly snap photos of fireworks with your iPhone camera…

The first thing the article points out is steadiness. You want to make sure that your iPhone is still, so you don’t get streaks of light throughout your photos. You can use the back of a lawn chair or the roof of a car to help steady yourself.

Another tip I thought was interesting was to turn your HDR off. Firework bursts happen quickly, so you don’t want to slow your shots down with multiple exposures.

Along with the HDR, you’re also going to want to turn off your flash. Using a tiny LED flash won’t light up the night sky enough to make a difference.

Finally, you don’t want to use digital zoom. You may be tempted to do this to make your photos seem larger, but all you’ll get is added noise. Simply tap on the screen where the fireworks are, and the iPhone’s camera will focus on them.

The iPhone camera is more than capable of taking awesome photos. To be honest, I think I’ll be leaving my other point and shoot camera behind this year. Now where’s Photo Stream when you need it?

What about you guys? Is the iPhone 4 your main camera for this holiday?