iPhone 4 Now Most Popular Camera on Flickr

Apple’s iPhone 4 has now overtaken the Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Canon REBEL T1i to become the most popular camera among Flickr users. While it may not necessarily produce the best photos, the overwhelming popularity of the device — coupled with its convenience — make it the most popular camera available right now.

The iPhone 4 has been rapidly climbing the Flickr graphs for some time, and back in April, it was predicted the device would nab the top spot from the Nikon D90 within a month. It took a little while longer, but now it has achieved what no other smartphone has…

The iPhone’s pocket-sized form factor, its price, and its extensive functionality are thought to be the reasons behind its popularity. Because it’s so small, everyone carries their iPhone everywhere with them, so it’s always available when you want to take a quick snap. Its price makes it significantly cheaper than professional offerings like digital SLR cameras, such as the Nikon D90. And because the iPhone can access the internet pretty much anytime, anywhere, through Wi-Fi and 3G, it has never been easier to upload your pics to photo sharing sites while you’re on-the-go.

This is a clear indication that smartphones, with their ever improving cameras, are having an effect on the digital photography market. As these devices continue to get better at snapping pics, will there come a point where simple point-and-shoot digital cameras become obsolete?