Mopho DJ Takes iPhone Music Mixing to the Next Level

There are plenty of applications in the App Store for making your own music on your iDevice. In fact, we reviewed a great one on iDB called djay by Algoriddim earlier this year.

But if you’ve been looking for a way to use your iPhone to create music in a way that’s not quite so conventional, you’ve got to check out this concept that Stanford Researcher Nick Brian has come up with…

Using the  accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that are built into iDevices, Brian is able to use analog turntables to mix music on a laptop, without wires. The researcher attaches 2 iDevices to ordinary turntables, which talk to his Mopho DJ application on his laptop.

The devices are loaded with special software that not only picks up when Brian scratches the virtual vinyl, it also knows when he speeds up the turntables, or puts them in reverse. These digital effects are applied to music in the Mopho Dj app, in real time. Still confused? Check out the video of Mopho Dj in action:

Brian will be showing off his handy work at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression next month, but it’s unclear if we’ll ever see it come to market. For now, we’ll just put his creation in the “cool ideas involving iDevices” category, along with the invisible instrument.

What do you think? Where does this rate on your cool-o-meter?