Djay for iPhone Makes Listening to Music Fun Again

I must admit, it’s been quite some time since an application took me by surprise. But when I read that algoriddim‘s djay app was coming to the iPhone, I seriously underestimated its entertainment value. I don’t typically fall into the ‘DJ’ category, but it’s fun to pretend. I love music, but wouldn’t have a clue what to do if you put actual mixing equipment in front of me.

I’ve played with these kinds of apps before, but only on my iPad. The 10″ screen allowed me plenty of room to spin my records, and that’s about all I ever did. The novelty usually wore off within 5 minutes. So how could djay for the iPhone give me hours of entertainment?

It made listening to music fun again! Its simple user interface (which is always a good start), allowed me to easily choose songs from my iPod library. It also loaded the song’s album art, which was definitely a nice touch. Once both turntables were loaded with tracks, I pressed play.

I had my doubts about a DJ app on my iPhone’s tiny screen, but it might just be more fun to do with my thumbs than it was with my hands. It has all the standard controls you’d expect. You can manipulate BPM (Beats per minute), adjust the tone, even cut samples from your music. There is also a record button, and bluetooth streaming playback options, in case you want to share your mixes with others.

My favorite feature of the entire application has to be ‘AUTOMIX’. This will automatically load tracks onto the turntable (in shuffle mode or alphabetically), and play them for you. As a song finishes, it starts to fade out, and the next track fades in. There are even cool sound effects. Your music goes from just music to your own personal radio station, but without the commercials!

Is djay for everyone? Probably not. At $9.99 it’s pretty expensive for an iPhone application, especially if you don’t plan on using many of the features. But the cool factor is there, and the application is very easy to use. If you have been looking for an app like this to try out or are just looking for a way to make listening to music fun again, download djay here.

Has anyone tried djay yet? Do you use something similar? Tell us below!