Has your Battery Life Improved in iOS 4.3.3?

Ever since Apple released iOS 4.3, many iPhone users have been reporting a noticeable decrease in battery life from iOS 4.2.1. While further releases tend to help battery life a little bit, users state that their iPhone battery life still doesn’t last as long as it did on iOS 4.2.1 and earlier.

Apple released iOS 4.3.3 earlier this week, and in addition to rectifying the infamous location tracking bug, the update was also supposed to bring battery life improvements. We conducted a similar poll a few days after the release of iOS 4.3.1, and the poll results still showed that iOS 4.3.1 battery life had not improved. 

Now that you’ve had a couple of days to test out the new iOS 4.3.3, we’re curious to know how the battery life has been treating you in the new firmware. While I, myself am still running iOS 4.3.2 (due to the unlock status of my iPhone 4), I plan to test out battery life on the new OS soon.

Additionally, from my own experience, I have noticed battery life isn’t as bad when you restore your iPhone and set it up as as a new device, instead of restoring all your content back. Have you tried this?

But in the meantime, for those of you that already bit the bullet and upgraded to the new firmware tell us how is your battery life? Have you noticed a difference yet, or is your iDevice still suffering from serious battery drain issues?

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