Has Your iPhone Battery Life Improved in iOS 4.3.1?

Now that you’ve had a couple of days with iOS 4.3.1, for those of you that updated, we’re wondering how the latest OS is going for you so far.

When iOS 4.3 was released, there were several bugs/issues reported by the iPhone community in the new OS, one of the major ones being poor battery life. At the time, a good amount of early iOS 4.3 adoptersĀ attributed the poor battery life to auto-lock issues, causing the screen to stay on for hours at a time. The problem seemed to be affecting only iPhone and iPod Touch 4G owners.

Then, two days before the official release of iOS 4.3.1, the folks over at BGR got an exclusive hands-on of the new OS and reported that battery life issues seemed to be rectified in the new firmware, although they didn’t conduct any thorough tests.

Now, we’d like to ask our readers how iOS 4.3.1 is treating your iPhone battery life. We’ve read reports via Twitter and other media outlets that the new OS has anywhere from marginal to significant improvement in battery life from the previous iOS 4.3.

How’s your battery life? Have you noticed a difference yet, or is your iDevice still suffering from serious battery drain issues? Take our poll below, and feel free to leave any additional thoughts in the comments!