Battery Issues May Be Another Reason to Stay Away From iOS 4.3

Here at iDB, we’ve certainly warned you of the dangers in upgrading to iOS 4.3. Until today, that warning was only meant for jailbreakers. Well, it looks like even stock users have a reason to hold off.

Several iLounge editors are reporting severe battery drain in their iDevices, after upgrading to iOS 4.3. Their experiences coincide with users across several Apple Support threads, dedicated  to this very topic…

Some users attributed the poor battery life to auto-lock issues, causing the screen to stay on for hours at a time. The problem seems to be affecting iPhones and the iPod touch 4G. Though not everyone is experiencing these headaches, I know my amazing battery life is worth too much to risk it.

Users on the Apple forums are reporting that turning off location services and wifi doesn’t resolve the issue, but they may have a fix. Several posters claim to have seen success with performing a restore of the iDevice, and choosing not to restore it from a previous backup.

Is anyone on iOS 4.3 experiencing this issue? Or is everyone still waiting on an untethered jailbreak? Sound off below!