Auto Location Will Automatically Turn the iPhone’s Location Services On and Off

Are you still a little paranoid about the iPhone location-tracking file? Are you afraid that Apple or your carrier is tracking your every move?

Lucky for you, there’s a new jailbreak tweak called Auto Location that automatically toggles your iPhone’s Location Services on and off. When you’re not using an app that requires GPS, Auto Location will turn the iPhone’s Location Services off. When you open an app that requires Location Services, Auto Location turns it back on…


“Do you usually enable the location switch only when you use an application that requires location services? Have you ever forgotten to enable location after launching the application? That’s enough! Auto Location is for you! This teak automatically enables and disables location services only when needed.

For example, when you launch the Navigation GPS application or any GPS tracker, Auto Location will automatically enable location services; and if you close the app, the tweak will immediately disable location services if there is no need to use location updates anymore.

Auto Location detects the apps that need location services by using your settings in General > Location Services.

Auto Location is also compatible with any intentional settings, it doesn’t override location set by other tweaks. For example, if you schedule location to be active during hours of work, Auto Location will never disable it if you use and quit an application that requires location services.”

Auto Location doesn’t have an app icon or settings to configure. Once installed, the tweak will just sit in the background and toggle Location Services for you.

Although this tweak won’t keep Apple from collecting your location information throughout the day (you need untrackerd for that), it should help improve your iPhone’s battery life. Location Services (like any other system resource) will affect your iPhone’s battery performance when turned on.

If you have Auto Location toggle Location Services when needed, you should see a noticeable improvement in the life of your battery.

Auto Location is available for free in Cydia.

What do you think of this tweak? Have you noticed an improvement in battery life since you installed Auto Location?