Gmail Web App Updated, Can Undo Actions

The Gmail web app just keeps getting better and better! If you use the Gmail web app with Safari on your iPhone, you’ll be happy to know that Google has now updated Gmail’s web interface with an “undo” feature.

The web app will now allow users to undo an action such as archive, delete, add/remove a label, or move a message/conversation. When you select one of these actions, Gmail shows a yellow bar that displays what you just and allowing you to undo it, instead of having to dig the message out of the Trash. 

Best of all, the “undo” bar will stay on your screen for a while, even if you navigate to another page within the Gmail web app.

I’m definitely liking this new feature, and will probably start using the web app a lot more. The Gmail web app is available to both iPhone and Android smartphones and can be accessed via the Safari web browser by going to

Have you tried out the undo feature in the Gmail web app? Do you prefer Gmail’s web interface on the iPhone?

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