PhotoProtect Makes Sure You Don’t Delete Your iPhone Photos by Accident

Chances are, if you own an iPhone, you are using it as a camera. That means that at any given time you might have some priceless memories stored in your iPhone that can be deleted if you aren’t careful. Unless you have them backed up somewhere, once photos are deleted, you generally can’t get them back.

Apple protects photos that are synced from your computer to your iPhone from being deleted, but what about the camera roll? Luckily for those of us that have jailbroken iDevices, we are given access to 1,000s of free tweaks in Cydia

Two tweaks in particular come to mind when talking about protecting your photos. One is Photector, which we covered a few weeks ago on iDB. The other is PhotoProtect, which is very similar to Photector but with a unique twist.

Instead of using a password prompt to thwart potential data deleters, PhotoProtect will actually let you send them a customized message. You can choose what you want the pop-up window to say, as well as the button that you must press to continue.

It’s as easy as opening up Cydia and typing PhotoProtect in the search bar. As typical with most tweaks, once downloaded, it will show up in your Settings. Here you will find the option to turn the hack off or on, and enter your customized message for when a photo is attempted to be deleted.

It is important to note that you should go into your Settings and turn PhotoProtect off and then back on before relying on it to work flawlessly. By default, the hack is turned on, and for some reason doesn’t catch the ‘’ API calls right away. But I found that after disabling and re-enabling PhotoProtect, the problem was remedied.

If you have kids that are constantly playing games on your iPhone or tend to show photos on your iPhone to friends, check this out. It will give you peace of mind to know that no one can accidentally trash your photos and leave you without some of your fondest memories.

Is anyone using Photector or PhotoProtect? What do you think of them? Tell us below!