CallerID Faker for iPhone Has All the Cool Features for Free

Ok Cody, caller id applications have been around for ages, what’s so special about this one? CallerID faker, in the Cydia Store, isn’t a new concept or a new application. But it can be a hidden gem to those whom aren’t aware of its existence.

Perhaps you’ve already played with CallerId Faker, or an application like it. SpoofApp was nice in its time, but after a five minute demo call, the app requests you purchase SpoofCards. This app, however, allows you to make an unlimited amount of free calls, with a few restrictions…

First, your free calls must be under 2 minutes, and that’s including a 20 second ad they play before each call. Secondly, they claim the free version doesn’t allow you change your voice or record phone calls, but I beg to differ. I was able to successfully make several phone calls using the voice changing feature and was even able to listen to the recording. And finally, this app is only available in the Cydia Store, so you must have a jailbroken iPhone to download it.

With all great apps, come a few hiccups. The app closed itself on me a couple of times throughout my day of extensive testing (insert evil laugh here). This seemed to happen particularly when I tried to email a recorded phone call to myself. I also kept getting the error “movie format not found”, every time I tried to play a recording from my iPhone. Using the pay feature might solve some of these issues, but they didn’t bother me enough to try it.

Will this delightful little prank call application find a way onto my iPhone’s home screen? Probably not. But will it go into my utility folder in case I ever need to do some high tech pranking or sleuthing? You bet.

As free Caller ID fakers go, in particular on iOS, this one takes the cake. Voice changing, recording, and no SpoofCards to purchase put this one ahead of the competition.

Does anyone use this application?