‘TV Tube Sleep’ Puts Your iPhone to Sleep Old School Style

This has to be one of the coolest jailbreak tweaks I’ve seen, from a purely eye-pleasing perspective: it puts your iPhone to sleep in the style of an old TV tube.

I’ve always thought that the iPhone’s sleep animation (can I even call it that?) was pretty boring, so any tweak that adds some spice in this area is a welcome addition if you ask me…

TV Tube Sleep features no app icon, or setting option; it starts working as soon as it’s installed. A press of the sleep button will invoke the TV tube animation from anywhere except the lock screen.

I’m usually not really into tweaks that make visual changes to your iPhone, especially if they cost money, but TV Tube Sleep is a definite exception.

For $0.99 cents on Cydia, I think it’s well worth the money for such a cool looking effect; a true throwback to yesteryear.

What do you think?