Enhance Your Typing Efficiency With 5-Row iOS Keyboard

5-Row Keyboard is a new jailbreak tweak that does just what the name describes: enables a larger, 5-row keyboard in iOS. All of the numeric keys are added to a top row of the iOS keyboard so that you don’t have to constantly change the keyboard layout when typing numbers.

This tweak doesn’t do much else besides what is obvious… 

The real problem with 5-Row Keyboard is that it breaks the keyboard’s ability to automatically capitalize the beginnings of sentences. For me, that’s a deal breaker; as I like to have my sentences look somewhat grammatically correct.

Another thing that bothers me about this tweak is that it acts as a WinterBoard theme. You have to apply the theme in WinterBoard once you download it, then you have to go add the keyboard in the General > Keyboard settings pane. It would be nice if it wasn’t reliant on WinterBoard.

I couldn’t really get used to having the numeric row above the normal keyboard layout, so I disabled 5-Row Keyboard pretty quickly. I have a feeling that you’ll either hate or love this type of tweak. If you’re constantly frustrated with having to change keyboard layouts to use the numeric keys, I have a feeling you will love  5-Row Keyboard. If you really couldn’t care less, it will probably annoy you.

Regardless, if this is something you’re interested in, pick up “5-Row Keyboard iOS4” for $0.99 in the Cydia Store.

What do you think about this tweak? Does it sound useful to you?