Synergy Brings a Beautifully Designed Alarm Clock to Your iPhone [Sponsored]

Synergy, the wildly popular jailbroken app is now in the official App Store featuring an all new design, fully functional alarm, customizable colors, background notifications, 24 hour mode, custom text, and so much more.

Synergy is a revolutionary new clock design that combines the beauty of both digital and analogue styles together to create one breath taking design.

With more features than ever, Synergy Alarm Clock Pro takes advantage of your iPhone’s ability to display stunning graphics as well as its ability to perform high complexity features. With a design unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, Synergy will keep you dazed with its magnificent beauty and vivid colors…


  • With iOS 4, your alarm will sound even if the app is not running!
  • Fully functional alarm – add as many alarms as you’d like, repeat feature, vibrate, snooze, custom name, and iPod access!
  • Wake up to your iPod music!
  • Custom color customization – create your own color themes, choosing from literally millions of colors! You can adjust text color, background color, and even the glow color!
  • Custom text – display your own text at the bottom of the screen.
  • 24 Hour mode for international and military users.
  • Full control over the display – you choose if you want to display the date or display the custom text. You choose the colors. This app is yours. You deserve the right to customize it as you please!
  • Autolock control – control when your iPhone closes the screen or autolock inside the app settings!

Download Synergy Pro today, or download Synergy Lite if you’d like to try it before you buy it. Synergy Lite doesn’t have all the cool features Synergy Pro has, but is sure to still dazzle you with its magnificent beauty.

Synergy Alarm Clock Pro is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. Download it today!

UPDATE: Here are a few promo codes for the app. First come, first served!