GreenPois0n First Impressions: the 4.1 Bugs

As soon as the Mac version of GreenPois0n came out, I went ahead and jailbroke my device.  It wasn’t the same eye-candy that JailbreakMe was, or even Comex’s first jailbreak, but it worked and I didn’t have to wait long.  Here’s a few quick things that I immediately noticed.

LockScreen PIN Delay

After a fresh reboot or a respring, I can no longer dive right in to tap the PIN to access my device.  The problem is either a delay or the first tap or two is not recognized.  But it definitely slows me down a little bit…

RemoveBG is not 4.1 compatible yet

Too bad, since it’s wonderful to be able to batch clear the ever-cluttered task switcher.  Cydia let me install it, but my first use immediately caused my first Mobile Substrate crash.  Naturally, that was the first app I uninstalled.

Cydia doesn’t take as long to refresh or update

Not bad.  But I am now using an A4 device, so I’m unsure if it’s the processing power or the jailbreak.

My device is a little slower, and freezes occasionally.

Some apps don’t quit right away when I tap the home button.  Some native apps don’t work until I respring.  The mail app crashed a few times until I used SBSettings to fix user permissions. The Notified StatusBar notification plugin left artifacts on my screen, and some apps are stuck with whitespace where the status bar should be.  Not every dev is 4.1 ready, but that’s understandable.

Action Menu is still awesome.  SBSettings is still useful.  Wi-Fi Sync didn’t work at all for me.

Anyone else experience the same issues?