What Do You Think of the Live Apple Event?

The live event conducted by Steve Jobs just ended. We’ve been covering the most important news as it was coming. As usual, Steve made me want to run to the Apple Store and set up camp until I can get those new products he unveiled today…

To me, the biggest news today is the new Apple TV that will come out in 4 weeks for $99. As a Netflix member, I’ve been waiting for a long time for such a device to stream movies to my TV. Sure I was able to use my laptop but really, this is not convenient. At $99, it’s just a no brainer.

I want to thank GDGT for their live coverage. As you might have seen, I used their images to illustrate my posts, so thank you Ryan!

One more thing… I cannot stand Coldplay but I really enjoyed the few acoustic songs Chris Martin played at the end of the presentation.

What do you think of the event? To you, what was the most exciting announcement? Share your thoughts in the comment box.