Apple Refreshes the Apple TV [I’m Getting One]

Steve Jobs just unveiled the new Apple TV, a little tiny box a quarter the size of its predecessor. It’s now all about renting. No more buying things.

You can rent first run HD movies the day they come out for $4.99. They run cheaper as time goes on.

HD TV shows now rent for $0.99, with, let me remind you, no commercial.

ABC and Fox are on board. Even better, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can stream movies for free. You can stream directly from YouTube, view images from Flickr. Additionally, you can stream any content from your Mac or PC.


The new Apple TV will now sell for $99. That’s what the rumor said. It’s dirt cheap and makes me want to buy one. Instantly.


The Apple TV will be available in 4 weeks and you can pre-order today.