The iPhone App Store Adds “On The Grid” Category & it Looks Like Advertising

I must say that I have enjoyed the anticipation that has come with waiting to see which category the App Store will add under their featured apps section. This week I was sorely disappointed by the organization of location-based apps entitled “On The Grid”.

It should come as no surprise that Facebook tops the list after adding their take on the service via Places. Foursquare and Gowalla are next on the list that only sports a dozen entries…

If my memory serves me right this is the shortest list that Apple has formulated which leaves me wondering why this, why now? Is it a coincidence that this comes just after Facebook’s addition of Places? Perhaps I’ve looked at this too hard but like iDB commented before, it seems that larger developers have been getting special treatment. Why not add incognito advertisements to the list?

So what do you think? Is my suspicious attitude regarding Facebook clouding my partiality, or does the timing of this category seem all to convenient for anyone else’s taste? Let me know what you think of the new addition in our comment section below.