How to lock your Facebook profile from the app or a computer

How to Lock Facebook profile

Almost the entire online world is on Facebook, and if you want some privacy, you can lock your profile. It takes just a few clicks and is the quickest way to protect your photos and posts.

In this tutorial, we will show you what happens when you lock your Facebook profile and how to do it from iPhone, the Android Facebook app, or on a computer.

Messenger launches opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats and calls for all users

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been slowly building up to a reality where its popular messaging app, Messenger, offers up end-to-end encryption. It has been testing the feature in some capacity since at least 2016. And the feature does exist in Messenger to some degree, but a wide rollout forĀ all users has been a waiting game for quite some time. That's changing today, though.

Instagram is officially testing the chronological feed

A white Instagram logo set against a colorful background

Instagram's feed is a point of contention for a lot of users. The company, which is owned by Facebook, has worked on the way it's laid out, and the way people see posts, on a semi-regular basis for quite some time now. But one thing that a lot of users have requested, a return to the chronological feed, has been missing. It was teased in December, and now it's here finally.