The iPhone Hosts 55% of All Smartphone Ads

Millennial Media reports that Apple’s iOS is the platform of choice when it comes to advertisers. What is even more profitable is the fact that the iPhone leads all smartphones with 55% of the market on its screens.

Who says ads aren’t exciting? Including all devices, Apple products sport 35% of the pie while Samsung comes in 2nd with 17%, RIM with 10% and Motorola in 4th with 9%. Let’s get back to smartphones which are defined by the study as products running a recognizable operating system.

Apple Insider shows Apple has an even larger lead here that it did when all products were considered. Cupertino takes the cake with 55% of all smartphone ads being displayed on the iPhone while Android meekly comes in 2nd place with 19%, followed closely by RIM with 16%. In my opinion the most amazing figure is in regards to advertisers who develop for multiple platforms, meaning those who want their ads to run on more than one OS.

The study shows that 100% of those developers make their ads to work on iOS while 75% for Android and 46% on Blackberries. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that every ad maker make their announcements iOS compatible but nevertheless it’s impressive.

I know that advertising isn’t the most exciting or desired topic but it does show the power of the iPhone and iOS as a whole. Any thoughts or ideas on this and what it says about Apple’s appeal to advertisers? Share them in our commercialized comment box below.