How to Remove Cydia Ads

Sure ads in Cydia are the bread and butter of underground developers, but sometimes ads can just be a little too intrusive or overwhelming. Worse, it can alter the whole user experience by slowing down the performances of Cydia.

Our buddy over at FSM found a nice way to get rid of the ads in Cydia. If you want to increase Cydia’s performance, this simple hack is for you.

SSH into your iDevice and browse to /Applications/Cydia/ and create two copies of package.js computer ( one is your backup and you will edit the other one ) . Inside that file search for var depiction = package.depiction .

Edit that line so that  depiction = package.depiction will become depiction = null .

Now save the file and copy it back to /Applications/Cydia/ , overwriting the original one. That’s it. Now restart Cydia and enjoy.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you like this hack, make sure to thank @MurdaFSM on Twitter.