45 Applications That Will Be On My iPhone Next Year

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the top 40 iPhone apps of 2009 in the App Store. This article got quite a bit of success (especially on Twitter) and a few of you asked me what where my favorite iPhone apps of 2009.

I’ve had many apps come and go this year so I guess the best way to tell what my favorites are is to tell you the one I will keep with me for next year.

Facebook – Need I say more? Indispensable if you have a Facebook account (note: you may want to join our Facebook page).

Byline – This is to me the best RSS reader for iPhone. Fast and easy!

Flight Control – My favorite iPhone game. Ever! It’s fun and addicting. My best score is 357 planes landed. Can you do better?

Bejeweled 2 – My fiancée turned me on this game. I used to play it a lot but I got over it.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 – I just downloaded it as it was free for a limited time. I drive my fiancée crazy with it because I always play the same song (Tap Tap DomiNation by Stroke 9).

Pro Surfing – If you’re into surfing, this game is a must-have. Very fun and well done. Last time I checked, I was #3 in the world!

Surf by Wavewatch – A great app for surfers. Gives you reports about pretty much any wave in the world. Even better, you get live cams of the spots when available!

Surf Report – Yet another surf report app. Not as fancy as Surf by Wavewatch but it does the job very well.

WordPress – I love WordPress as a blogging platform but the version 2 of their app is pathetically useless. It’s buggy, crashes all the time and provides very little features. Yet it’s still on my iPhone “just in case” they update it and make it a better app.

Tweetie 2 – The best Twitter app for iPhone to me, despite the fact it lacks a good RT feature.

Mobile Fotos – Probably the best mobile client for Flickr. I used to use it a lot to upload my pix to Flickr but now I just use the “email to Flickr” feature. Still nice to have it when I need to look for some of my pix.

myLite – One of the zillion flashlight apps in the App Store. This one does a great job for me.

Skype – I don’t use this app much but it’s nice to have it, just in case I need to make a quick call to France for cheap. I use Skype with VoIPover3G so it works on both wifi and 3G.

Dictionary – This app would be great if I thought about using it… I usually go to Google when I need a definition… Need to use this app more often. I really like the thesaurus feature.

Wiki Tap – With Wikipedia now going mobile, this app becomes more and more irrelevant. Still nice to have it here.

SmackTalk – The app that made me laugh the most in 2009. No doubt about it!

Sound Grenade – If you like to piss people off on certain occasions, then this is the perfect app. It creates a very annoying sound that will drive people nuts while wondering what it is and where it’s from.

Star Walk – Hands down the best app in the App Store. I don’t use it much but when I do, it always amazes me and my friends. Point it at the sky at night and learn about the stars and constellations thanks to the GPS an digital compass.

Currency Converter – A must-have if like me you travel a lot overseas. It allows you to select several currencies and gives you quick conversions for each of them. In less than 5 seconds, I can find out what $100 is worth in 8 different currencies vice versa. It works both online and offline.

Photoshop.com Mobile – The mobile version of Photoshop. When it came out everyone was ecstatic about it. I don’t think it’s that good but I still use it a lot to crop my images when necessary.

Brain Exercise – The famous Doctor Kawashima made the jump from the Nintendo DS to your iPhone in order to help you exercise your brain. I stopped using this app as it was driving me nuts. My brain still seems to function ok. Should be deleted by January 2nd.

IMDb – I never used this app but I figured it might come in handy when I’m looking for the name of “this” actor in “this” movie.

gPush – Gmail push notifications for your iPhone. I downloaded gPush a few months ago because I was expecting an important email. I don’t really need this anymore as I know use Google Sync for iPhone.

FlightTrack – Another must-have for travelers. This apps tracks your flights and gives you important info like time, delays, gates, etc… This app saved me $200 once.

FM 94/9 -That’s the app of my favorite radion station back home in San Diego. I use it to listen to Brunch With Bob & Friends every Sunday morning. If you’re into Bob Marley, you owe it to yourself to listen to this show.

PhoneFlicks – There might be better than PhoneFlicks to manage your Netflix queue but this one works great for me.

myWireless – The official AT&T app. It’s really good for keeping track of your usage, but most importantly for paying your bills online.

Duo – This app allows you to update both your Facebook status and Twitter at the same time. I love it!

Midomi Sound Hound – Just like Shazam, Midomi can help you find a song just by singing it or my bringing your iPhone close to the speaker. I think it’s much better than Shazam.

Light Saber – Every iPhone user owes it to himself to have this light saber app. Kids love it.

LBX Shaver – This app fakes an electric shaver. Great for playing jokes (check mine out).

Gun App – In the same class as LBX Shaver, this app fakes several weapons. My favorite is the taser that makes this funny song and vibrates and you press the screen. My fiancee freaks out every time I use it on her.

Discover – A great app that allows you to transfer files from computer to iPhone over wifi.

Vonage – I have Vonage at home, on my laptop and I love it. This app however is greatly disappointing. I keep it in hope that Vonage will make it a VoIP app someday.

What’s On? – This is a by far the best TV guide for iPhone.

Evernote – Everyone says it’s a great app. I downloaded it to try it out but I guess it’s too fancy for me as I don’t really use notes. Still experimenting with it.

QuickSense – It allows me to check my Adsense earnings directly from the phone. It is fast and very reliable. Definitely a keeper!

CB Stats – This app gives me quick access to my ClickBank stats. The features are very limited but it does a good job at giving you the basics rapidly.

CheckCB – Another app to check my ClickBank earnings. This one is much better than CB Stats as it gives you very detailed info. The downside is that it’s much slower…

Analytics Agent – I use the free version. Not the best analytics app for tracking your websites stats, but it is the fastest one. I use it to check my daily visits only.

Analytics App – If I need deeper analytics for my websites, then I use Analytics App. The downside of this app is that it is pretty slow, especially if you’re not on wifi.

1Password – I downloaded this app when it was free in the App Store. I never really use it. Maybe I should just delete it.

iExpenseIt – This is a great app for keeping track of your expenses. See, since I’m running a business, I am required by law to keep track of everything I spend. I update it once or twice a month with new spendings and give it to my tax guy at the end of the year.

Mint – A good app for checking your finances. It syncs with your banking accounts and credit cards to give you a quick picture of where you’re at money wise.

Ego – I use this app to track how many feed readers I have on this blog.

So these are my apps. If you feel like it, please share your tops fav apps in the comments.