The Best RSS Reader For iPhone

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the best Twitter apps for iPhone which got quite a bit of success, especially on Twitter. A few of you asked me to write the same time of article, only about the best RSS reader for iPhone.

I was just going to write such an article but my friend Patrick from JAiB had the same idea and got a chance to write about some good iPhone RSS reader before I did. Patrick gave a quick look at 6 RSS apps for iPhone that sync with Google Reader and I suggest you read his article for more details about la creme de la creme of RSS reader apps for iPhone.

He quickly reviews the following apps:

  • Feeds
  • MobileRSS
  • Doppler
  • Byline
  • NetNewsWire
  • NewsStand

UPDATE 04/24/2010: My favorite reader app is not Byline anymore. Reeder is now the best RSS reader for iPhone. Read my mini review of Reeder here.

My personal preference is Byline. I like how fast it is and also the ability to cache each feed for offline reading. What I like the most about Byline is how I can see all my folders and choose to read all New Items at once, or folder by folder.

This is a great feature because I like to read my RSS feeds by category in the morning. For example, I like to read iPhone news first. Then I usually read the France and world news. Then I usually read tech news, SEO, and marketing-related news.

Byline gives a quick overview of each item and shows you the title as well as the beginning of the item. It allows you to choose to read more about each article or not. Simple and practical. That’s exactly how I like my apps.

I tried a few others but Byline is by far my favorite. But as Patrick puts it, there is not really a best iPhone RSS reader app. What works for me might not really work for you. These six applications are very solid and should do an excellent job no matter what.

I’m curious to see what’s YOUR favorite RSS reader for iPhone. Please share in the comments.