Mini Review: Reeder 2 For iPhone

A few months ago I wrote about the best RSS readers for iPhone. At the time, Byline was my favorite, even though it was missing a couple important features such as being able to share articles on Twitter.

The Byline app description in the App Store has been saying for months they are working on version 3 which will add tons of new features. Turns out they “worked on it” for so long that someone else outdid them.

My new favorite iPhone RSS reader is Reeder 2. I’m not going to get too much into details but I’d rather give a short and sweet review of it.


  • Easy to use and well thought UI
  • It is incredibly fast. Items sync in just seconds
  • Ability to share on Twitter
  • Ability to save to Delicious
  • Quickly “star” an item
  • Easily browse starred, new or all items


  • I don’t really like the light-colored UI
  • I wish it gave a larger preview of items

See, many pros and very few cons. Reeder definitely took over the Byline spot in my iPhone dock. If you’re in the market for an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader, then give Reeder a try. At $2.99, it is the best RSS reader for iPhone you can get.