Dear #Tweetie Developer, Please Bring The Old RT Feature Back in Tweetie 2

This post is a call to action to anyone who uses one of the best Twitter iPhone apps out there: Tweetie 2. Note that if you don’t use Tweetie, you can still help. Read on for more details…

Since Atebits launched the version 2 of Tweetie, they crippled a key feature of the application: the RT (retweet) feature. In the old version, you could RT a tweet by simply tapping “Retweet”. It would then look like this:

RT @tweetie I should improve the RT feature on #Tweetie2

In the new version of Tweetie, you have 2 different options to retweet. None of them really fit me or most power users. You now have the option to “Retweet” using Twitter’s new RT feature, which 64% of users don’t like, or you can use the “Quote” option, which is not really a retweet and adds the odd “/via @username” at the end of you tweet.

A quick search on Twitter shows that I am not the only one disliking the new way Tweetie handles retweets and I was thinking we should tell the developer that we want the old RT feature back.

The best way to get heard is to retweet the hell out of this article so @Atebits (the developer) or @Tweetie hear us. Hopefully the developer will listen to the community and bring the old RT method back to life.

If you are on Twitter, please help us out by clicking here to retweet this article (there are also 2 RT buttons on this page). Thank you in advance for your help!