iPhone Custom Ringtones, Easy AND Free?

[digg-me]This is one of those little Internet gems that I wouldn’t have discovered if I didn’t walk in on a friend of mine browsing a site called myxer.com a few weeks ago. Now before I go any further in my story, those of you who are already aware of the site or don’t care to expand your custom ringtone library, I encourage you to stop reading, and check out another great article on the blog. But to those of you who are still intrigued, prepare to become emotionally, mentally, and technologically aroused.

Ok, so I sit down to check out what he’s got going on, and he is getting free ringtones of all the latest hits (and even a lot of movie and tv show audio) sent to his cell phone. Of course this is like every other free ringtone/background site, I’m thinking, so when he asks “You think this will work with your iPhone?” I blurt out “no,” so fast I almost seem to interrupt him. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous of all the cool free stuff he was getting for his moto Razor.

Then later that night something magical (that’s right, I said magical) happened. In browsing the myxer.com website, I came across a link that said, click here for iPhone download. Upon further investigation, I found you can actually download any ringtone on the site, in .m4r format, so you can then SSH them into your ringtone folder, or just drag and drop in iTunes and sync up.

The entire process is extremely quick, and the library of ringtones is enormous. Having tried other custom ringtone options through Cydia apps and such, I must say this is the most streamline and easy to use.

The only thing I would suggest you look out for is iTunes won’t recognize any file (even .m4r) that is over 30 seconds long. Also be advised the backgrounds I tested didn’t look very good, and the games aren’t compatible at all. But the fact that I can now jam out to Lil Wayne’s “Man I miss my dogs,” when my old high school buddies call, is enough to make me, well, write a short article on a small time web blog. Have a good evening.