Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 wallpaper optimized for iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Aug 30, 2015

Whether Apple fanboys want to admit it or not, there are other providers in the market that have some decent offerings. If you didn’t know, Redmi Note 2 is a recent release by Xiaomi in the budget smartphone category ($125), but it boasts a full HD display at 401 ppi. While Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 overall hardware package is not our cup of tea, the stock wallpapers are worth a download. Read More


September 9 event wallpapers: “Hey Siri, give us a hint”

By Jim Gresham on Aug 27, 2015

On Thursday, August 27, Apple released the media invitation for an event on September 9. The fall announcements typically highlight updates for iOS devices. Sometimes iPhone and iPad are announced separately, but it is estimated both devices will receive a refresh in the coming weeks.

In line with new invitations, the web quickly rushes to build corresponding, celebratory wallpapers. Inside, we have some quick work done by avid iDB readers. Within hours, they shared their collections and we pass them on to you. Read More


Rumor: iPhone 6s sports animated backgrounds inspired by Apple Watch’s Motion face

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 27, 2015

Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ smartphones are said to include animated backgrounds inspired by the Apple Watch’s Motion face, 9to5Mac learned from sources. Of course, Apple has offered dynamic wallpapers since iOS 7, but it’s a single motif in seven color choices.

These new animated backgrounds created for upcoming iPhones are being described as sharing the same theme as the Motion face on the Apple Watch, which shows painstakingly crafted animations of jellyfish, multi-colored butterflies and brightly colored flowers. Read More


WGradRemover gets rid of the wallpaper gradient overlay shadow

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 24, 2015

Have you ever noticed how your iPhone’s wallpaper is sometimes noticeably dark at the top of the screen near the status bar? That’s because iOS automatically overlays the wallpaper with a shadow gradient. This is done in an attempt to make status bar icons and assets more visible, especially on busy wallpaper backgrounds.

But not everyone wants to have their wallpaper modified by this shadow overlay, as it can change the true look of your wallpaper. WGradRemover is a new jailbreak tweak that helps jailbroken users easily remove the wallpaper gradient overlay. Read More


Wallpapers of the week: there’s nothing quite like iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Aug 23, 2015

Apple always posts excellent background images when highlighting their devices on their website. However, they do not always include their creations in iOS releases, leaving avid wallpaper fanatics lacking. It would be amazing if Apple included these images in a downloadable form.

A new Apple marketing series has them touting iPhone specific features. With a new line of “if it’s not an iPhone” TV commercials, the Cupertino based company now has a dedicated website that features similar justifications. The “Why there’s nothing quite like an iPhone website” highlights several features of their flagship device that cannot be replicated on other hardware. The page uses great graphics, three of which we have downloadable today for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.
Read More


Textured pattern wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

By Jim Gresham on Aug 16, 2015

Continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section, we turn to simplistic images. Often, patterns and textures make for great Home and Lock screen images because they can be colorful, but not distract from the UI elements, like the clock or app icons. Personally, I prefer this style wallpaper due to the simplistic nature of the images.

Below the fold, you will find several walls to choose from, which will bring nice contrast to your devices, even if color isn’t a requirement to do so.
Read More


San Francisco wallpapers for dual screens

By Jim Gresham on Aug 9, 2015

The Wallpapers of the Week section is designed to bring you fresh images for iOS devices. By combing through the web and viewing submissions from readers, we post the best of whats around, on a weekly basis.

Today, we depart from the iOS specific restriction and delve into a fairly niche wallpaper genre. Inside, find four sets of dual screen wallpapers for various devices. Naturally, they can be used as standalones, but really shine when paired. Read More


Download the new iOS 9 beta 5 wallpapers

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 6, 2015

As we reported earlier, Apple has added over a dozen new wallpapers to iOS 9. The iOS 9 beta 5 release brought several new wallpapers to the table, while omitting many of the staple wallpapers that we’ve been accustomed to over the years.

In this post, we provide you with a download link to many of the new wallpapers. If you want to have Apple’s new wallpapers for iOS 9 on your device, but you aren’t running the latest iOS 9 beta 5 release, then don’t fret, you can download them here. Read More


A look at the 15 new wallpapers in iOS 9 beta 5

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 6, 2015

As we noted in our iOS 9 beta 5 release post, Apple has added 15 new wallpapers to iOS for the iPhone and the iPad. Along with adding 15 new wallpapers comes the removal of some of the popular legacy wallpapers—including last year’s iOS 8 wallpaper.

In this post, we’ll walk you through each of the new 15 wallpapers. These updates come with specific themes, including abstract, nature, and color themes. Which of the new 15 wallpapers included in iOS 9 is your favorite? Read More


Universe stars wallpapers for iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Aug 2, 2015

Running well longer than a year, the Wallpapers of the Week section contains a few genres that always appear to be crowd favorites. Of course, Apple event or hardware launch wallpapers are top of that short list, with hundreds of social shares, traffic, and downloads.

Other than Apple related images, galaxy and star related wallpapers are next in line. With an attempt to continue feeding that desire, included this week are four great wallpapers produced by @AR72014. In order to keep up with his latest wallpapers, make sure to download his newest 2.0 app version, included inside.  Read More


A cartoon world: wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

By Jim Gresham on Jul 26, 2015

Continue the Wallpapers of the Week section, we take a step away from the natural, in favor of the imagined. A small side project of @Frenchitouch, the website gallery boasts a few fun creations.

Inside, find a collection of imagined environments that were digitally created by his graphic design skills. Although not photographically based, the wallpapers are crisp, clean, clear, and make excellently colorful wallpapers.  Read More


Yosemite National Park wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

By Jim Gresham on Jul 19, 2015

Before focus shifts completely to El Capitan this fall, we wanted to capture the wholistic beauty of Yosemite National Park instead of focusing on a single mountain. The park, which is the focal point of the two most recent OS X operating system naming conventions, was first protected in 1864.

Totaling 1,200 square miles, Yosemite is accentuated by natural valleys and steep rising cliffs, formed thousands of years ago by glaciers. Four million visitors trek to the park each year to take in the beauty. We are continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section to highlight that natural allure.
Read More


Download the new iPod touch 6th generation wallpapers

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 16, 2015

Ever since we posted our review of the 6th generation iPod touch, people have been asking me about the three new wallpapers that come included with the device. The new wallpapers are color-specific wallpaper for the new Gold, Blue, and Pink iPod touch 6th-gen units. In this post, we provide you with a link to download all three of the new wallpapers. Read More


Expansive space wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

By Jim Gresham on Jul 12, 2015

Continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section, today we feature another set of images in a popular category. Based on trends, comments, and social shares, we triangulate preferred themes and genres. Repeatedly, galaxy and space images rank among the very top, aside from Apple event wallpapers.

Inside, you will find three different space wallpapers for your iOS devices and one for desktop. Additionally, a back link to previously posted similar images is included to help you find the rest. Step inside for the downloads.  Read More


Apple Music wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

By Jim Gresham on Jul 5, 2015

To much fanfare, Apple Music launched on June 30. If you started the free 3-month trial, make sure to check out Jeff’s top 10 pro tips and 10 Apple Music tweaks. The service proves to meet the hype and has potential to reach more customers, more quickly, than even Spotify.

As with all new launches, we are excited to offer you matching wallpapers! Thanks to several avid iDB readers, a small library of new Apple Music images are ready to grace your iOS devices. Step inside for downloads. Read More


Ocean wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

By Jim Gresham on Jun 28, 2015

The popular Wallpapers of the Week section strives to remain relevant throughout the year. Whether posting Apple Event wallpapers as the invitations are released seasonal favorites, we try to maintain chronological relevance, ensuring you have the latest and up to date images on your background.

Summer is in full session for the northern hemisphere and we are celebrating. After the summer solstice, the days start becoming shorter, but it marks the hottest time of the year. Try cooling off with a beautiful ocean wallpaper on your favorite iOS devices. Read More


Airplane wallpapers for iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Jun 21, 2015

The Wallpapers of the Week section continues to grown in popularity. In particular, wallpapers for WWDC 15, Apple Watch-inspired images, and new Macbook versions.

One trend in the section is having images that are chronologically relevant. Having just the right image on your device for just the right time of year seems harmonious in some way. Currently, it is travel season, at least in the northern hemisphere. People are taking time away from work to vacation or holiday. It is time to fly. Read More


Apple Music-inspired wallpapers for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

By Jim Gresham on Jun 14, 2015

Last week during WWDC 2015, Apple spent a majority of time launching Apple Music and the corresponding iTunes 13 for OS X. The service will not launch until June 30, but the new Music app logo is already available for download in the iOS 9 beta.

Inside you will find inspired wallpapers for iPad, iPhone and, for the first time, Apple Watch. This fall, watchOS 2 will allow users to set wallpaper images from a specified folder on the device. Start your collection today. Read More


Official OS X El Capitan wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, desktop

By Jim Gresham on Jun 8, 2015

Early today, along with iOS 9 and watchOS, Apple released an updated version of OS X to developers. Titled El Capitan, the new system has a flagship wallpaper.

Apple fans have come to expect these new flashy images on an annual basis and scramble to find copies. Thankfully, with a few connected and design-savvy friends, we strive to offer the images to everyone, regardless of having a developer account. Step inside for your goodies. Read More


The new official iOS 9 wallpaper for iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Jun 8, 2015

Earlier today, during Apple’s WWDC 2015 media event, the Cupertino company announced software updates to iOS, OS X, and watchOS. As with previous software updates, Apple always highlights a new title wallpaper for the announcement.

The iOS 9 wallpaper, showed several times during the presentation, pictures the inner curl of a beautifully blue wave. Naturally, we already received requests for the image. Step inside for your reward. Read More

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