Wallpapers are a great way to personalize your iPhone and make it stand out. There are countless designs to choose from, including nature scenes, abstract patterns, and iconic imagery. Whether you prefer a bold and colorful look or something more subdued and minimalistic, there’s a wallpaper for every taste and style. With new options added regularly, you’ll never run out of options for customizing your iPhone.

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Rugged Tesla Cybertruck wallpapers for iPhone

Recently, Tesla came to market with customer ready deliverable Cybertrucks. After a multi-year, post announcement wait, stainless steel trucks are now rolling around the streets…and other more interesting environments. While the Cybertruck itself is a visual oddity, seeing it rolling through scenic locations make for great Cybertruck wallpapers for iPhone.

Lightning wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, desktop

The Wallpapers of the Week selection this week is electric. Capturing incredible bolts and streaks of lightning, these wallpaper photos make for incredible backgrounds. From sunset through the dead of night, these images capture the natural phenomenon.

Vector landscape wallpapers for iPhone

Another Sunday, another collection of photo quality images for your Apple device backgrounds. iDB's Wallpapers of the Week provides new downloads every seven days. Featuring individual graphic artists, photographers, and reader submissions, the gallery is full of downloads in all types of genres.

Capturing a simulated natural beauty, these vector landscape wallpapers for iPhone downloads feature a ranging color palette.

2023 Top 10 iPhone wallpapers

As we get excited for next year on this New Year’s Even edition of iDB’s Wallpapers of the Week, we wanted to take a look back through a year of backgrounds. In this stroll through a wallpaper round up, check out the 2023 Top 10 iPhone wallpapers. To earn a top spot these posted were required to be posted in 2023 and visited the most by you!

Candle lit cathedral wallpaper for iPhone

Vaulted ceilings, vibrant stained glass, and flickering shadows all contribute ambiance to the inspiring architecture of cathedrals. On this Christmas Eve, we take a pause to capture the reverence of religious locations in this Wallpapers of the Week holiday addition. These candle lit wallpapers for iPhone open a window to the season.

Cozy fireplace wallpaper pack for iPhone

As we enter the colder months and approach Christmas, we seek warmth. From a favorite cozy blanket, to a hot drink, or the roar of a fireplace, hiding from the cold is necessary with frigid temperatures. Light up your device with this fireplace wallpaper for iPhone.

Christmas scenery wallpapers for iPhone

We are only a few sleeps away from Christmas morning! It’s that wintery time of the year where, hopefully, snow starts to fall and make everything feel crisp and cold. No matter what you are hoping for under the tree, your iPhone will be decked with fun Christmas scenery wallpaper and a couple of bonus downloads.

Colorful split gradient wallpapers for iPhone

The simplicity in color. Just color. Well, maybe add a few ripples and something special happens when a wallpaper smoothly fades from one color to another. These split gradient wallpapers for iPhone play on a long time color changing tradition with a splash of contrast.