New video offers detailed look at alleged iPad 5 shell

By Cody Lee on Sep 29, 2013

Apple’s next-generation full-sized iPad is expected to sport a redesigned casing, similar to that of the iPad mini. It’s said to be lighter and thinner than the iPad 4, with an overall smaller footprint.

And a new video surfaced this weekend that gives us a good idea of just how much the two tablets will differ in size, by comparing the measurements of an alleged iPad 5 shell with its predecessor… Read More


New photos show alleged gold iPad mini 2 with Touch ID Home button

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2013

While it’s still unclear if the next-gen iPad mini will sport a Retina display, it seems that it will feature a Touch ID Home button and gold color option. That is, if this pair of leaked photos showing the alleged tablet are to be believed.

The above image, and one we’ve posted right after the break, surfaced on Chinese site DoNews this morning. And as you can see, they show what appears to be a 7.9-inch iPad with a gold-colored shell and Apple’s new fingerprint sensor… Read More


New report claims Retina iPad mini may not ship alongside iPad 5

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2013

Apple may not be planning to release an iPad mini with Retina display alongside its next-gen iPad 5 next month, according to a new report, which claims that there’s little supply chain evidence suggesting otherwise.

The news comes from market research firm IHS iSuppi, who is reporting that while the iPad 5 looks to be on track for its expected October launch, manufacturing volumes for the Retina mini point toward a 2014 debut… Read More


New South Wales police using iPad minis for traffic tickets

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 19, 2013

After airlines and classrooms, could law enforcement become the next area for Apple’s iPad? In Australia, police near Sydney are using iPad minis to write traffic citations, giving motorists the option of their tickers emailed as a PDF.

The concept is the idea of New South Wales patrol officers looking to reduce the amount of paper work while also keeping driver information secure. The iPad minis are part of a four-week trial which the developer hopes will give police more time for crime-fighting… Read More


iPad mini 2 back shell in space gray?

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 18, 2013

With the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple has clearly adopted a new color scheme for this year’s iPhones. On the plastic end, we have white, red, green, blue and yellow as your vivid color choices. The flagship iPhone 5s, however, has switched to three finishes: in addition to the much talked-about gold variant, there’s also a silver model which closely resembles last year’s white iPhone 5 and an all new space gray model, basically a subtly toned down black iPhone 5 design with a gray backplate that gives it a more metallic feel.

Which begs the question of new iPads. With these design changes in place for new iPhones, will Apple adopt a similar strategy for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2? A new part that leaked Wednesday shows a new space gray color finish on a back shell said to belong to the forthcoming second-gen iPad mini upgrade… Read More


iPad mini becomes in-flight entertainment for Hawaiian Airlines

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 30, 2013

If you plan to fly to Hawaii soon, you may want to spend the travel time with an iPad mini. Hawaiian Airlines says it will offer the iPad as an entertainment option to passengers on more than a dozen aircraft starting September 1, including Boeing 767 flights.

The Apple tablet will be available for rental either before passengers board or during flight. According to the airline, 1,400 tablets will be offered from its Honolulu headquarters to the U.S. mainland, Asia and the South Pacific… Read More


HiRise: iPhone’s new throne pedestal by Twelve South

By Jim Gresham on Aug 28, 2013

A couple weeks ago, we highlighted the launch of Twelve South’s newest accessory, the HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini. I was able to finally get my hands on one and can report the excitement is worth the hype. For those new to the Twelve South scene, the company is a premium and Apple exclusive accessory maker, made famous for simple and elegant products like the iPhone SurfacePad, BookBook case, and BookArc.

Humbly setting a company goal to launch 12 Mac accessories each year, each new item is focused on design and function. Often, the elegance and intricacies of Twelve South products are found in the smallest of details, which often make the user experience even more enjoyable.

The HiRise for iPhone is no exception to the quality build and functional design of the product line. The HiRise for iMac or for MacBook Pro are popular items and the ported design easily conforms to iPhone 5 and iPad mini. With a small footprint, the newest HiRise is an excellent desktop companion… Read More


Ten One Design introduces new magnetic stand for iPad mini

By Cody Lee on Aug 21, 2013

I’m not what you would call a ‘stand kind of person.’ I don’t have a dock for my iPhone 5, and I’m not sure where the chintzy little tripod thing is that I bought for my iPad a few years back. I just never used it.

If I was in the market for something like that, though, I’d consider this new Magnus Mini stand from Ten One Design. It sports a very minimalistic design, and it uses magnets to hold your iPad mini into place… Read More


IDC: China’s iPad market share slashed by strong home-grown competition

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 21, 2013

In every analysis listing market share, there is that mysterious ‘Other’ category which lumps together all the lesser-known players. Now comes word ‘Other’ is making a name for itself, as the Apple iPad’s share of the increasingly important China market was almost cut in half during the second quarter.

Researcher IDC said Tuesday Apple’s tablet market share in China fell to 28 percent during the second quarter of 2013, down from its usual level above 50 percent. Some 46 percent of tablets shipped to China were made by ‘Other’ tablet brands, often low-cost Android devices, according to the research firm… Read More


Logitech introduces two new iPad mini folio cases

By Cody Lee on Aug 20, 2013

Logitech must really have a thing for the iPad mini, because for the third time in the last six months it’s introduced a new set of cases for Apple’s popular tiny tablet: the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio and the Folio Protective Case.

The Ultrathin Keyboard Folio is pitched as the company’s thinnest and lightest keyboard folio to date, and features all of the bells and whistles. And the Folio Protective is a hard cover case that doubles as a stand… Read More


Wacom unveils new pressure-sensitive Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad

By Cody Lee on Aug 20, 2013

Wacom has just announced its latest entry into the increasingly-crowded space of iPad styli, the Intuos Creative Stylus. The accessory uses low-power Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your tablet, and includes programmable shortcut buttons.

Additionally, Wacom says the Intuos Creative sports a best-in-class pressure sensitivity of 2048 pressure levels, creating a “realistic pen-on-paper feel” when drawing. The high-end stylus aims to deliver “professional grade” performance… Read More


Alleged photos of silver iPad 5 shell hit the web

By Cody Lee on Aug 19, 2013

New photos of a rear shell believed to belong to the next generation iPad surfaced late last night. The images appear to show a silver casing, which is consistent with previous reports and leaked parts pointing to a smaller, thinner tablet.

We’ve seen a number of black/slate shells allegedly belonging to the new iPad on the web over the past several months. In fact, they first popped up all the way back in January. But this is one of the first times we’ve seen a white/silver shell… Read More


IHS iSuppli: production of iPad mini Retina display on track for fall launch

By Cody Lee on Aug 15, 2013

While it seems all but certain that Apple is going to launch a redesigned fifth gen iPad this fall, the fate of the iPad mini isn’t quite so clear. Reports thus far have been split between the tablet having and not having a Retina display.

Well this morning we’re adding another one to the ‘having’ pile. Well-known market research firm IHS iSuppli reports that the new mini will indeed have a high resolution screen, and that production volumes are on par with 2012… Read More


Bloomberg weighs in on upcoming iPads and iPhones

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 12, 2013

With less than a month until Apple’s September 10 iPhone event, Bloomberg has scanned the blogs and talked to its unnamed sources in an effort to dig up some previously unknown “facts” about Apple’s upcoming iPhone and iPad refreshes.

Now, stop me if you’ve heard this before, but much of Bloomberg’s reporting centers around a thinner and lighter iPad 5 with iPad mini style design.

Where it gets interesting, however, is a claim that Apple also plans to introduce a Retina iPad mini this year rather than in 2014… Read More


WSJ corroborates iPad mini like design, touchscreen tech for iPad 5

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 12, 2013

Various sources have been mulling for months that Apple’s fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad will adopt the overall appearance of the iPad mini, including its skinnier side bezels and thinner, lighter enclosure. And as if you ever needed more proof, now the credulous Wall Street Journal is finally out with its own report.

Corroborating the rumor-mill chatter, the story reaffirms the notion that the iPad 5 partially owns its slimmer and lighter form factor to a new touchscreen technology borrowed from its little brother. Read on for the full reveal… Read More


iPad mini MultiStand: hang it up or take it out

By Jim Gresham on Aug 5, 2013

I previously covered two ProClip USA dashboard accessories for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, a little more than a month back. These two mounts were excellent for my vehicle and I use the iPhone mount daily on my morning and evening commute. Consequently, my friends at ProClip sent over one of their newest devices.

There are many stands, docks, and cases in the iDownloadBlog review category, but none of them operate quite like the ProClip USA iPad mini MultiStand. Using the same production process, ProClip designed a stand for iPad mini that not only rests easily on a desktop, but also mounts on a wall, workbench, or elevated surface. The case versatility is optimal for users looking for a semi permanent and portable option with a ruggedized design…

Read More


Purported next-gen iPad mini backplate shows no design change

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 2, 2013

Yesterday, we passed along a set of images depicting a backplate part the rumor-mill adamantly insists to be the rear case of Apple’s upcoming fifth-generation full-size iPad. The same publication which provided those high-quality shots is back at it again, having published on Friday another batch of photographs, this time around showing off a smaller backplate in silver and made from aluminum, ostensibly for the upcoming second-generation iPad miniRead More


Apple ordering Retina displays for new iPad mini, contemplating colored backs: WSJ

By Cody Lee on Aug 1, 2013

And the back and forth continues. Hot on the heels of a report this afternoon that iOS 7 contains references to an A6 iPad mini with a non-Retina display, comes a story from The Wall Street Journal that Apple has begun ordering hi-res screens from Samsung for the tablet.

Today’s clash is just the latest in a long line of conflicting reports regarding Apple’s next-gen 8-inch slate, which is set to debut this fall. Previous speculation has suggested that a Retina iPad mini would be nearly technically impossible, but tonight’s story says the contrary… Read More


Apple testing non-Retina iPad mini with A6 chip, iOS 7 SDK references suggest

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 31, 2013

Despite Google’s recently refreshed Nexus 7 now boasting a Retina-class 1,920-by-1,200 pixel resolution screen (check out Jeff’s awesome Nexus 7 vs. iPad mini video showdown), Apple’s seven-inch iPad mini by contrast remains stuck with the rather pedestrian 1,024-by-768 pixel screen.

And now, seemingly corroborating a flurry of rumors pointing to a Retina iPad mini upgrade in 2014, references a developer discovered in the iOS 7 SDK suggest Apple has been testing a new iPad mini with a faster A6 chip, but without a Retina display… Read More


Report claiming that Nexus 7 outsold iPad mini in Japan found misleading

By Cody Lee on Jul 30, 2013

In January of this year, market research firm BCN posted a report claiming that the Nexus 7 outsold the iPad mini in Japan during the holidays. Google’s tablet accounted for 44.4% of all tablets sold in the study’s 2,400 stores during the period, besting Apple (40.1% ) for the first time.

Fast forward to last week, when Google unveiled the new Nexus 7. Google’s SVP, and leader of the Android team, Sundar Pichai, took the stage and began rattling off statistics about the platform. And of course he referred to the BCN report, which we have since learned is very misleading… Read More

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