In time for Season 4 debut, HBO releases the official Game of Thrones Ascent game for iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 26, 2014

If you, too, take part in HBO’s international Game of Thrones phenomenon, the official iPad game’s a no brainer.

Available now free of charge in the App Store, Game of Thrones Ascent for iPad comes ahead of Season 4 debut, courtesy of developer Disruptor Beam who teamed with Kongregate to bring the game to Apple’s iPad and Android.

Based on the award-winning HBO show and literary works of George R.R. Martin, the iPad edition improves upon the Facebook and web editions of Game of Thrones Ascent (which already has 2.5 million players) with crisp Retina graphics, Game Center leaderboards, full iOS 7 support and thousands of story-driven quests, regularly updated each Monday with content seen on TV the night before… Read More


Why it took HBO GO so long to come to Apple TV

By Cody Lee on Jun 20, 2013

Yesterday morning, Apple announced that an update was available for its Apple TV devices. The new software, which was earmarked as version 5.3, featured a handful of content streaming apps including WatchESPN and HBO GO.

Users have been clamoring for HBO GO to land on Apple’s ATV platform for quite some time, as its been available on iOS for years. So what took it so long? According to HBO’s chief technology officer, it was building the app itself… Read More


HBO Go, now with AirPlay multitasking and Games of Thrones interactive enhancements

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 8, 2013

HBO’s free iOS streaming software is a nice companion app provided you’re already subscribed to the service.

And if you believe the continuing ramblings, the Time Warner-owned premium cable network is considering offering additional subscription options in the not-so-distant future, potentially allowing cable-cutters to subscribe to HBO for online-only access.

In the meantime, HBO has updated its Go app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with two new useful features. The first will appeal to the fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones series as they can now enjoy enhancements related to the show’s interactive experience. The other improvement includes AirPlay multitasking capability. What’s that, you ask? Read More


Cable-free access to HBO Go app is ostensibly under consideration

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 22, 2013

Not sure about you, but cable operators sure bother the hell out of me by not letting me watch shows on iDevices unless I subscribe to their terrestrial television offering. Why do these companies presume everyone owns a TV? While the App Store hosts a bunch of apps from the likes of ABC, HBO or CBS, you must be a paying TV subscriber to stream shows (you already paid for) to your devices.

I like Time Warner-owned HBO’s shows and am subscribed to them through my cable TV provider and now we’re hearing that the company is considering reversing its stance and reportedly offer online subscriptions to cable-cutters in the not-so-distant future… Read More


HBO Go gains AirPlay streaming, Apple TV app due later this year

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 12, 2013

Good news, Apple TV users: later today, HBO will enable AirPlay streaming in its HBO Go iOS app. Speaking at The Wall Street Journal-sponsored D: Dive Into Media conference on Tuesday, HBO’s Eric Kessler said that “effective today, we will be enabling AirPlay” for HBO Go. Bloomberg last month reported that Apple and HBO are working on a content deal.

He also re-iterated that HBO Go will eventually land on the Apple TV later this yeare. Until the Apple TV app materializes, Time Warner Inc.’s HBO Go subscribers can use the existing iOS app to stream HBO shows from their iPhone or iPad to their Apple TV over AirPlay… Read More