HBO shuts down its Apple TV Channel, forces switch to HBO Max

It has been a longtime coming, with HBO warning subscribers that a change was coming near the end of this month. With the date finally here, HBO has confirmed that it has shut down one of its Apple TV Channels. As a result, the company’s forcing existing customers to switch to its newest option.

Today, just as expected, HBO has shut down its Apple TV Channel. HBO actually extended its shutdown of the app for quite some time for existing customers. HBO blocked new customers from accessing the app, especially an an Apple TV Channel, when HBO Max launched in May of last year.

However, HBO said that existing subscribers could hold onto access via the original HBO app for a bit longer. But the day has arrived and now it’s shutting down. HBO started letting customers know the app would shut down on July 22, telling customers they’d need to switch to HBO Max to keep watching content from the service.

Things get a little interesting for those who actually are trying to switch. Shutting down the Apple TV Channel has led to some issues for folks who were using their Apple ID to access the HBO app. Users are saying that HBO has actually removed the option to sign in via an Apple ID.

For the folks who signed up to the original HBO app via the Apple TV Channel did so via their Apple ID. That combination has led to misfortune, as some customers are saying that the inability to log in via the Apple ID means they are locked out of their account altogether.

So, despite the fact HBO Max supports Apple TV Channels, users can’t log in at the moment if they try to use the Apple ID. A workaround exists, though. Use the same email address associated with your Apple ID and create a new HBO Max account. This appears to be working for many users who previously ran into the log-in wall.

Did you run into this issue?