HBO Max will fully support the Apple TV app at launch

WarnerMedia’s upcoming premium video streaming service, HBO Max, launches on May 27. And now we know that Apple’s device will support the service at launch.

This is probably the least surprising bit of news related to HBO Max to date, but, still, it’s good to have confirmation that, come May 27, the service will be available on Apple’s devices. As first reported by Variety, Apple and HBO’s ongoing “coopetition” agreement between the pair of companies will continue, and, as a result, HBO Max will be fully integrated into the Apple TV app. Which means it will be available on the iPod touch, Apple TV, the iPad, and the iPhone.

This means users will be able to add HBO Max content to the “Watch Now” section of the Apple TV app. This includes original TV series and films, documentaries, and any of the existing back catalog available on HBO Max. Users will be able to use Siri to search for content on HBO Max as well.

But wait, there’s more, which will probably come as a nice surprise for current HBO NOW subscribers:

Under the companies’ deal, existing HBO Now customers (and HBO subscribers through Apple TV channels) who are billed through Apple’s App Store will be upgraded automatically to HBO Max at no additional charge. New HBO Max customers will be able to subscribe, for $14.99 per month, using in-app purchasing on Apple devices.

As far as the Apple TV is concerned, a native app will be available for the fourth-generation Apple TV HD and the Apple TV 4K. For folks who own the second- or third-generation Apple TV set-top boxes, you’ll need to use your iPhone or iPad to stream HBO Max to the device utilizing AirPlay.

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As mentioned earlier, HBO Max will launch on May 27. It will cost $15 per month. Do you plan on signing up for HBO Max when it launches?