Rovio’s ‘Bad Piggies’ game goes free as App of the Week

By Cody Lee on Aug 1, 2013

Great news gamers! Rovio’s popular Bad Piggies game has been named App of the Week by Apple, meaning you can download the iPhone and iPad versions of the title for free during the next 7 days.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Bad Piggies is fairly different from Angry Birds and Rovio’s other titles in that it revolves around building contraptions to get your pigs safely through levels… Read More


Rovio’s ‘Red’s Mighty Feathers’ update combines Angry Birds and Bad Piggies

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 3, 2013

A while ago we stopped posting stories about episodic updates to Rovio’s Angry Birds bird-flinging series because we felt these games have run their course. Today’s update is different and noteworthy because for the first time Rovio has brought Angry Birds and Bad Piggies together in a Red’s Mighty Feathers update to the original Angry Birds game.

The approach has resulted in an all-new gameplay that sees you shooting down wave after wave of pesky pugs advancing in their 73 crazy contraptions, including wacky flying machines… Read More


Bad Piggies update lets you record and share gameplay footage

By Christian Zibreg on May 8, 2013

We’re growing increasingly tired of Angry Birds here – that’s why we’ve stopped telling you about each and every content update Rovio puts out. This one, however, is newsworthy as it allows iPad and iPhone users to exclusively capture and upload gameplay videos straight from their devices.

Also new in this update: fifteen new levels to master and two brand new items to use – suction-cup tires and spring-loaded boxing gloves. I’ve included a gampeplay video showcasing these new items right after the break… Read More


Rovio adds 36 new levels to Bad Piggies in ‘Road Hogs’ update

By Cody Lee on Feb 27, 2013

Last month, Rovio started hinting that a massive update for its popular Bad Piggies game was in the oven. The studio posted a teaser image to its Twitter account that read “Road Hogs, coming soon.”

As you’ve probably guessed by now, that update hit the App Store today. And as expected, it’s a big one. It features 3o new ‘Flight in the Night’ levels, 6 ‘Road Hog’ levels, new achievements and more… Read More


Bad Piggies get 15 new levels in a ‘Flight in the Night’ episodic update

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 25, 2012

Following up on yesterday’s Angry Birds Seasons update which has brought out 30 new Halloween-themed levels, Finnish developer Rovio today pushed its first content update to Bad Piggies, its Angry Birds-style game from the piggs’ perspective, launched a month ago. The new ‘Flight in the Night’ episode contains fifteen new levels, a brand new moonlit theme, a new sandbox mode to test your creativity, a new item and more… Read More


Bad Piggies cookbook app lands on the iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 11, 2012

From the apps to the merchandising, Rovio appears to be making money hand over fist. Yesterday, the brains behind the popular Angry Birds physics puzzler series updated their original game with 30 new levels. But it looks something else has been cooking in Rovio’s kitchen as today the Finnish developer launched at Frankfurt Book Fair a new app for the iPad.

It’s called Bad Piggies’ Best Egg Recipes and you guessed right, it’s an e-book, basically an interactive replica of the dead tree version ($9.99 on Amazon) Rovio published last year, which contains 41 egg recipes. We’ve got a teaser clip and a hands-on video for your right after the break… Read More


Rovio’s Bad Piggies hit iOS, Mac and Android

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 27, 2012

As promised, Angry Birds maker Rovio today released a new physics-based game that turns the famous formula upside down in that it focuses on the green piggies who must protect the eggs grabbed from the birds. After a string of content updates and sequels, some feel the Angry Birds series has run its course.

Rovio is clearly banking on the success of Angry Birds here, but Bad Piggies is anything but yet another Angry Birds sequel. Gameplay footage and more info right below… Read More


Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies arrives September 27 for iOS, Android and Mac

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 4, 2012

Two months ago, we learned that Finnish developer Rovio is working on a new Angry Birds pig game said to be focused on the piggies and slated for release just in time for the pre-holiday rush. Then last week, Rovio posted a teaser that offered a few glimpses into the upcoming game that turns the formula on its head by challenging you to to protect the eggs you’ve grabbed from the birds. Today, Rovio released a few more details and confirmed that Bad Piggies (that’s the official title) will be released for iOS, Android and the Mac on September 27… Read More