Apple Watch shown interacting with Siri. With watchOS 5, Series 3 owners can adjust the volume of Siri voice responses

With watchOS 5, you can control how loud Siri speaks responses on your Apple Watch.

An Apple Watch Series 3 or newer is required to have Siri speak to you, by the way. On earlier models, Siri will only display replies on your wrist along with text or images.

Apple Watch Series 3 features a pretty powerful built-in speaker and microphone that make it easier to converse with Siri, conduct phone calls, listen to music and more, all hands-free.

In order to help Apple Watch wearers customize their Siri experience, watchOS includes a dedicated voice volume control for Siri on Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models.

This wasn’t possible on older watchOS editions.

Feature requirements

To reiterate, this feature requires the following:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 or newer
  • watchOS 5 or higher

Of course, Siri must be enabled on the watch.

How to adjust Siri volume on Apple Watch

To set the volume of spoken Siri responses separately from the main system volume.

1) Open Settings on your Apple Watch.

2) Choose General from the list.

3) Tap Siri.

4) Scroll down until you stumble upon the heading Voice Volume — Speaker, then tap on the slider below and turn the Digital Crown to adjust how loud or quiet you’d like Siri to be.

This setting applies to spoken responses via the built-in speaker, not when Siri is used with your Apple Watch connected to wireless Bluetooth headphones or AirPlay speakers and devices.

Curiously enough, a version of Siri found on iPhone, iPad and HomePod currently does not permit users to set the volume of voice commands independently of the main system volume.

Of course, a future software update could easily implement that feature on other devices.

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