How to adjust Siri voice feedback on Apple Watch

apple watch siri voice feedback Set Timer

Tired of Siri talking back every time you ask for something on your Apple Watch? While it’s very thoughtful of Siri to acknowledge your request, you may not want to hear it. For example, just because you ask Siri to set a timer for 10 minutes doesn’t mean you want to hear a confirmation that the countdown has begun.

You may not be able to disable Siri’s feedback, but you can adjust the settings to quiet Siri down a bit. Here’s how to adjust Siri voice feedback on your Apple Watch.

Changing the Siri voice feedback settings

You can change the Siri voice feedback options on your Apple Watch only. Meaning, there is currently no option for it on the Watch app for your iPhone. So, just follow these steps:

1) Strap on your Apple Watch, enter your passcode, and open Settings.

2) Tap General.

3) Scroll down to and tap Siri.

Apple Watch Settings Siri

4) You’ll then see the following options: Always On, Control with Silent Mode, and Headphones Only.

  • Always On is self-explanatory; Siri will always provide feedback.
  • Control with Silent Mode means when you’re Apple Watch is in silent mode, Siri will be as well.
  • With Headphones Only, Siri will only provide feedback when you are using Bluetooth headphones with your Watch.
Apple Watch Siri Feedback

Out of these three options, Headphones Only is basically the best one to stop Siri from talking without having to silence your Apple Watch. However, there is one more thing you can do and that’s to adjust the volume for Siri.

1) Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

2) Tap General.

3) Scroll down to and tap Siri.

4) Turn the volume down to zero.

Apple Watch Settings Siri Volume

Hopefully an option to completely disable Siri feedback will come to watchOS down the road, but at least you have a couple of decent workarounds in the meantime.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, there is currently no way to completely stop Siri from giving feedback on your Apple Watch. But, with a slight adjustment, you can at least quiet Siri down. Do you use one of these options to stop Siri from talking too much on your Watch? Let us know!

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