Apple would like you to give the gift of music this holiday season so the company yesterday published its first holiday ad on YouTube, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Titled “Sway” and running one minute and 40 seconds long, the ad invites viewers to “move someone this holiday.” Featuring an acrobatic dance performance set in a winter holiday setting, the video shows a girl dancing around town and listening to music on her AirPods.

Song: “Palace” by Sam Smith

After bumping into a male dancer, she shares one of her earphones with the the male lead.

AirPods are obviously the key to romance in this ad as the two dancers continue their performance under a spotlight until they almost kiss.

Apple has some of the best holiday and Christmas ads that I’ve seen and this moving video is no exception—I especially liked how they coupled fantasy ballet concept with romance.

If I’m not mistaken, this commercial appears to have been filmed in the Czech Republic in Prague, just like Apple’s Christmas ad last year.

How do you like Apple’s holiday ad?

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  • Chris Carter

    It is beautiful and everything but unhygienic. ear wax… but is a great idea in theory though.

    • Kao.S

      Don’t worry, the dancers are married in real life – dancers Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant of NYC.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    I really loved this ad, was especially elated to see that they were using one of my favorite songs from Sam Smith’s newest album. ??

  • Martynet

    Shot in my home town again 🙂

  • :D

    The cut between the two scenes at the end is really poorly done

  • Lizmay

    Getting tired of the forced diversity. How about some white males in your ads Apple!

    • Kao.S

      You do understand that Apple is an international company and white males make a very small percentage of Apple’s sales, right?

  • Lizmay

    Simply will never watch any ad where they are pushing this diversity bullshit. Apple and the rest of the tech sector can stuff it up their collective asses. If you find love with anyone that’s great, regardless of race color or religion but to have these soulless corporations telling us how and what to think and feel is going to far.

    Sell your toys but leave your personal opinions out of your corporate philosophy and advertising. We the people can make up our own minds what is fake and what is moral without your brainwashing and manipulation of our thoughts.

    • Frankie Bloise

      I’m Latino but I agree: this being forced everywhere. I noticed that too in the M & S Christmas advert in the UK. It is never a white man with a black/Chinese/Indian woman. It is always a White woman with (insert your minority).
      They are gradually conditioning white women’s mind towards this preference.
      Not that I really care (I prefer Latinas myself) but just pointing out it is true and no longer subtle.

    • Kao.S

      Diversity is a real thing. And Apple has always pushed love and acceptance of everyone. Also, those dancers are married in real life – dancers Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant.