Apple on Friday published a Guided Tour video through its official YouTube channel, highlighting the biggest iPhone X changes in terms of navigation, Face ID, Apple Pay and more.

Running four minutes and 22 seconds long, the tutorial video covers the basics like navigating the Home button-less device with new gestures, setting up Face ID, using Animoji, paying with Apple Pay, invoking Siri, shutting down the phone and more.

Watch Apple’s video embedded below to see how easy the new features are to use.

Apple also released some new support documents with detailed instructions explaining how to set up and take advantage of Face ID, as well as use Apple Pay, Animoji and new gestures.

Additionally, it published a Tips webpage dedicated to iPhone X.

Are you concerned about changing your muscle memory for iPhone X?

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  • Christopher Morris

    A lot of stuff not covered. Screenshot, hard restart, swiping apps so they don’t use battery etc.

    • Cerberus The Wise

      Killing apps doesn’t really improve battery, it isn’t like a desktop os.

    • :)

      Having to reopen apps uses more energy than if you leave them in the switcher, so consider which apps to leave open (most) and which to close manually (e.g. anything Facebook).

  • TechnoBuff

    After watching some of these videos.. multitasking to swipe to see open apps is rather easy and fluid than the way it used to be. Things will take some getting used to but it does not seem as bad as originally thought IMHO

  • Rowan09

    I believe Apple had an iPhone with no home button in mind a long time now. Them adding control center to swipe up instead of packing it in the Notification Center like Android is one reason.

  • Wee Ymm

    So even if my girl doesn’t know my password, she can unlock it with my dumbass face and read any and everything… it was hard enough hiding fingerprints