Some unfortunate customers saw unexpected delays of ten to fifteen minutes or longer when they scrambled to preorder their iPhone X as soon as preorders went live early Friday morning.

Some of the affected users took to Twitter to share their disappointment with the delays. One customer who used AT&T’s mobile app to preorder an iPhone X was greeted with a 16-minute wait time, with the delay causing them to repeatedly lose their position in the queue.

MacRumors relays stories from other folks who saw Apple’s online store and the Apple Store app remain offline for up to twenty minutes after iPhone X preorders kicked off.

Some people were told by Apple via email that the firm couldn’t reach the carrier systems, instructing them to complete their order for delivery as early as November 3.

AppleInsider notes that some unfortunate buyers saw their credit freeze put in place following the Equifax data breach that held up authorization of payment plan loans.

We haven’t noticed any delays ourselves, unless you count our own Andrew O’Hara who was initially forced to wait a little longer until his business rep got his order in.

iPhone X lead times are currently 5-6 weeks in the United States.

Based on historical iPhone lead times and iPhone X preorder lead times in the United States, Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster predicted that iPhone X supply will probably meet global demand 3-4 months after launch, or some time in the March 2018 quarter.

Have you experienced any delays when you were trying to preorder your iPhone X?

  • Sonu SIngh

    I got my confirmation e-mail at 3:02 EST but my delivery date was 11/10-11/17. 256GB Silver T-mobile

    • Silently Observing

      Looking like the unlocked T-Mobile variant may have been delayed. Everyone I’m seen and talked to about this particular model got the 11/10-11/17 date no matter how fast it was completed. Mine was totally completed by 1:04am MST and shows the same date as yours. All other variants seem to have had the 11/3 date in the same window. I’m hoping we get updated to 11/3. And what’s with standard shipping? I had no choices. I was looking for overnight or 2nd day… Hoping its not 5 to 7 business…

      • Sonu SIngh

        Thanks for the insight. I too hope our delivery date gets bumped up. I had no choices for shipping either but I don’t remember seeing delivery options for previous iphones.

      • Silently Observing

        “ask and ye shall receive…” “Delivers 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping” It just updated. 😉

      • Sonu SIngh

        Mine too!! Congrats lol

      • Monica

        The standard shipping means nothing bc if your delivery date is 11/3, that’s when you will receive it.

      • kgelner

        Not me, I ordered about 12:01, T-Mobile fully prepaid 256 Silver, I got the 11-3 date. I think T-Mobile may have been one of the more popular for pre-orders, but all carriers (except for Sprint) seemed to shift to 2-3 weeks about the same time (three min in or so).

  • n0ahcruz3

    I’ll get my X the old school way… go to apple store early and line up

    • Vinnie Bones

      Not guaranteed though.. while you’re typing this dudes already lined up like bums outside Apple

      • Sonu SIngh

        lol @ bums

      • n0ahcruz3

        Im hoping more people ordered onlie to save themselves from all that hassle of going to stores,

  • bigkev943

    I had no issues I did what everyone said went in days ago into the apple store app and went through the process of ordering and when it got to the part where you would submit saved it to my favorites since it was grayed out. At 2:04am central time I was able to get in and 60 secs later my phone was ordered and paid with apple pay in full. Did not have to go to ATT crappie site and I am so glad. My phone arrives 11-3 got the Silver 256GB.

  • Davo V.

    Got mine from ATT business website around 12.30am and it’s gonna delivered Nov 3rd

  • Scooter

    Was already an Upgrade Program member, had been pre-authorized and set things up in the Apple Store, and then the damn thing wouldn’t load for 10 minutes. Neither would the Apple Store Website. Got dropped to 11/17-11/24 due to their shoddy handling of the preorder.

    • czbird

      Yup. Got as far as 12/7 due to shitty Apple Store not being ready. Had to order via web.

  • ProllyWild

    Apple disabled pre-orders via the japan Apple store app but no one would have known that because it remained offline for an hour…

    • I gave up and went to the site. I logged in at 4:15 and when I added the phone to the basket it said 2-3 weeks, by the time I checked out and chosen the payment plan, shipping was 4-5 weeks

      • ProllyWild

        At about 4:03 when the app still wouldn’t come up, I just checked the website to be sure and found I could order there. Was lucky to get a 11/3 delivery date. Really shitty that they disabled the pre-order option completely from the app.

  • Alex Wilson

    I had zero issues, but then again I got a bit lucky ordering through ATT when my order went through at 11:50PM – yep 11 minutes early. By the time I checked the order status everything wasn’t loading and I figured that it really hadn’t gone though. Eventually was able access the email account tied to it and sure enough there was the confirmation. 🙂

  • Zack Morris

    I’ve pre ordered through every major carrier for different iPhones in the past. By far Verizon was the easiest through their app. I ordered right at 12:01 for 256 space grey. Delivery for nov 3rd. No issues or lag on their app. I was actually worried because it required about 4 taps and I was done. Almost too easy. Well done Verizon.

  • techfreak23

    Got into the Apple Store app by 12:05, order placed by 12:07, and confirmation email by 12:08 PDT with a 11/3 delivery date.

  • MMA Rules

    My Apple store app didn’t go live until 3:10 I kept refreshing it but no luck

  • Ross Elkins

    I got the above message from ATT about losing my place several times before finding an open chat line (minor miracle). The chat guy put me in another 9m wait which actually worked so got my order an hour after 12 and ship date is still nov 3-10. Could have been a lot worse especially cause I picked the grey thinking it would be less popular! My order status hasn’t changed since 4am oct 27 with one optimistic sounding text and the confirmation of my order with the nov3-10 ship range. Would be real nice to hear something more!