Some sort of wireless charging is in tow for Apple’s OLED iPhone and now we have learned that the handset will display some 3D animations when connected to a wireless charger.

Sifting through a leaked iOS GM build, Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered code strings that not only corroborate earlier wireless charging rumors but indicate that the phone “will even show some 3D animations” when it’s being charged wirelessly. It would appear that iOS 11 includes a new “ChargingViewService” routine that identifies if a device model is compatible with wireless charging. It’s also tasked with displaying the animations when the device is connected to a wireless charger.

The actual animations are not present in the GM build though.

“Some features have yen redacted from this GM, probably because it was sent to carriers,” Guilherme said in a separate tweet while noting that additional assets “are downloaded by the operating system automatically.”

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The leaked build is unfinished because some system settings pages contain lorem ipsum text as placeholders so it’s not the one that will be available on Tuesday or come pre-installed on new iPhones when they ship. At least we now have some solid evidence beyond analyst reports that wireless charging will happen.

What we still don’t know (yet) is if the feature will be supported on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models as well. For what it’s worth, KGI said all 2017 iPhones would have wireless charging but that was back in February and he’s since issued conflicting reports.

Another big unknown that remains unanswered: whether or not the feature’s implementation relies on inductive charging, like with Apple Watch. As much as I’d want to see a real wireless charging over distances, I just don’t think the technology is there yet,


iPhone 8 mockup via YouTube creator Marques Brownlee

  • AOGV

    Energous said this year. So if not Apple maybe Google Pixel? Or Xiaomi?

    • askep3

      this, they already launched the chips to put into battery powered devices, and will be launching the long range hubs at the end of this year

  • Rowan09

    Man this phone has me hyped. I hope the leaks didn’t over sell us.

    • Fanboy 

      The hype is real! I just hope Apple has a few surprises that haven’t already been spoiled/leaked yet. We shall see Tuesday!

      • Rowan09

        We shall see and I can’t wait. Unfortunately I’ll be at work so I’ll catch the replay when I get home. I’ll have to stay away from all sites to be surprised though, but that’s going to be hard because the news app will definitely send a notification.

  • askep3

    I’ve said this before, but knowing Apple, it just cannot be the simple close range imcudctive charging that other smartphones have had for about 5 years now. Apple wouldn’t wait this long to add a feature that’s already been a market for that long. We’ve seen time and time again that they wait, take their time, and release something way better.

    Also, as many people say, inductive charging is worse than wired because you can’t really use your phone when you charge it. That’s not intuitive and feels half baked, and Apple doesn’t settle for that.

    • Wtf else could it be?

      • askep3

        Long range

      • Bill

        Not feasible even though it technically is possible. Terrible waste of energy and would have to be directed at the device, which defeats the purpose. If the iPhone ever ships with wireless charging, it will be inductive just like all the rest. Which I hope it doesn’t, because that too is a waste of energy and is not very practical.

      • askep3

        That is what they do, and that’s what I said they do in my original comment. They take someth8ng that’s alreadhy been released, make it much better, and release it

      • Bill

        Yes, I agree with that, but as I said if the new iPhone has wireless charging it will not be “long range”. It will be short range inductive charging, much like other devices use. You will not be charging your iPhone from across the room.

      • That’s not even available yet so that’s out of the question.

      • askep3

        Just because it’s not available yet doesn’t mean they can’t possibly announce and release it. It is unlikely from everything we’ve heard, but releasing 5 year old technology changed just doesn’t sound like Apple

      • Bill

        Well I hate to burst your bubble, but as I said “long range” wireless charging is just not feasible. You’re going to have to accept that. But I doubt anything I can say will sway you until you hear Tim Cook tell you that the new iPhone will use short range inductive charging just like all the other devices. So for now I will just say good day to you!

      • askep3

        Doesn’t seem like you read my reply. I said it is unlikely that they will announce it. The one thing I believe however, is that apples wireless charging has to be different from the tech that’s been around for years.

      • :D

        What do you think could be different about it (other than long range which it isn’t)?

      • askep3

        I have no idea, but logic dictates that if they could’ve added basic wireless charging 4-5 years ago they would have

      • mickey

        History actually is the opposite of what you say. Apple is slow to adopt. They may refine or tweak an existing technology once released but there is nothing bleeding edge about them. They could have done a lot of things years ago competitors already have (software AND hardware) but took their sweet time on. Many of us have been waiting on a bigger screen years before the 6. And a higher res oled screen late in 2017 is long overdue for a flagship. I could write a book on the snails pace of feature adoption in iOS. I think many that have been jailbreaking since the early days would share the same sentiment. This doesn’t mean they won’t debut something bleeding edge like long range wireless charging. It just wouldn’t be a good bet. Personally I do hope you’re right.

      • Come tomorrow you know it’s exactly what apple is. What will you say then?

      • askep3

        I’ll be disappointed, but it’s alright. We’ll see

        I love how you all are attacking me for having an open mind btw

      • Bill

        To be clear- I was never attacking you. Hope you didn’t take it that way!

      • Don’t worry there’s two other idiots that upvoted and support your absurd beliefs.

      • Bill

        So are you disappointed in today’s announcement?

      • Where you at bro?

  • Sharkey311

    When will you guys stop posting images of the iPhone X with those awful white bezels?

    • askep3

      I agree, its obviously not what Apple is going to do.

      Also everyone keeps posting the mockups where the notches aren’t black, like they are for sure going to match the notch color which is black and not the app color.