As is their wont, Chinese knockoff manufacturers are hard at work building and releasing iPhone 8 clones as we’re inching closer toward the handset’s reported September 21 unveiling.

Such Android-powered handsets are created solely from leaked specifications, design drawings, fan renderings and rumor-mill reporting. They’re not really fooling anyone with cloned phones, but clearly there’s a market for them. In fact, I’d say that iPhone knockoffs constitute an unavoidable part of the spectacle that surrounds any new iPhone introduction.

Here’s a video showing an iPhone 8 clone, as posted on leak aggregator SlashLeaks.

The knockoff device is running Android with a custom skin, icons and animations to make it resemble iOS more closely. You can tell straight away that this is it’s not a real Apple prototype device so we’re posting this video purely for the sake of discussion.

Have you ever seen a working Chinese iPhone clone?

  • Jay

    Yep back In my repair tech days folks would bring in clones and we would tell them we couldn’t fix them. No parts were available and it wouldn’t even be worth the repair due to their low cost and construction..

  • Charlie

    Well what’s the point of this? It’s the same as posting the “imagining functions on iPhone”. Nothing would happen until Apple makes it

  • Sad to say, but those small thin bezels at the top of that clone phone look WAY BETTER aesthetically than that ugly U shape top that we’ve seen in previous leaks.

    • DT

      I thought the same thing, but the more I see them, they are kind of growing on me. Although, I do think the white looks horrendous. I want to see a black one though.

      • Jay

        We haven’t seen any authentic white displays yet, there might not be any because of that. they could leave the colors to the housing and rear and keep the displays black like the  watch.