iOS 11 is still a bit away from its public release this fall, but as we approach that deadline, betas are now starting to roll out closer and closer to one another.

iOS beta 6 has just been released and it is full of small tweaks and optimizations.

In our short time with it, it’s clear that everything is starting to look much more polished than it has been in weeks past, as evidenced by our hands-on video walkthrough embedded below.

Hands-on with iOS 11 beta 6

The biggest visual changes here in beta 6 include revamped icons for App Store and Apple Maps (now featuring the new Apple Park headquarters) along with a fixed Reminders icon with bullet points back on the left instead of the right.

There is also a nice animation for AirPods that you can see when opening the case near your phone. To see that animation, and everything else new, check out the full video below.

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Check out the full list of changes covered in the video:

  • Bullet posts on the Reminders icon are now oriented correctly
  • Redesigned App Store icon
  • Numbers on the Clock icon are slightly bolder
  • New app icon in the Messages app
  • Splash screen for Photos for new features
  • Fish live wallpapers have been removed from Settings
  • Auto-Brightness moved from Display & Brightness to Display Accommodations
  • New AirPods animation when you open the case near your phone
  • New zoom-in animation when unlocking the device
  • When playing audio through Bluetooth, Control Center toggle turns blue

iOS 11 is schedule to release this fall.

Post your own findings

Did we miss anything?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list!

  • Colin

    Bit off topic but tidy emails up it’s driveing me insane lol

    • raju chacha
      • TwinSon

        My girlfriend would be T-R-I-G-G-E-R-E-D off the sight of your emails. I only have 2000 and it she acts like its the end of the world.

      • Blip dude

        It’s difficult when sometimes you delete an old email from your employer and then suddenly they send another email but it goes straight to spam.

      • raju chacha

        don’t worry I won’t propose your girlfriend πŸ˜‰

      • Cones1r

        Must be nice to have a jailbreak available for your device!

      • Colin

        The is no jailbreak for iOS 11 beta

      • Cones1r

        Did you look at his icons? Not from iOS 11.

  • RobDigital413

    That was fast not even a week or on a Tuesday

  • James

    my ipad is downloading ios 11 public beta 5 right now too.

    • Elliot Bridgewater


  • Nils Breiter

    Did you also have battery problems in Beta 4-5 on your iPhone 6s?

    • Elliot Bridgewater

      Possibly, it’s a beta.

  • avd98

    That wallpaper though, where can I find it?

  • Bacillus

    Ohhh man, soo excited.
    3 new icons w/ ApplePark updated.
    I mean, Joni has been soo busy with that overly important subject
    Three years of refurbed products is just a small compromise that 100 millions of customers could easily overcome.
    it must be so self rewarding that his greatness is being recognized in the maps app. Oh man, I am so happy for him (crying…)

    • John

      If you’re going to troll, you could at least learn to spell, no?

      • Bacillus

        Don’t worry man.
        Improved Siri with AI will make dictation even more flawless then* it currently is
        (* then will be than, then)

    • MadeInNY

      So they shouldn’t have made those changes?

      • Bacillus

        Rather some org changes to reignite functional innovation over all the detailed, overhyped fluffy stuff. With in-house testing instead of beta sw flooding. Start listening to customers instead of using them as beta sheep to be rewarded with 3 (almost) new icons

      • MadeInNY

        So you’re saying that Apple only has enough bandwidth to do a few less demanding fluff changes than to actually do deep architectural changes that benefit you?

        I think they probably have enough to do both. And they’ll announce it when they’re ready and it works well.

        As a matter of record, what is it you need to see from them that you can’t do right now?

      • askep3

        And they have done those deep changes. Photos and videos now use a new high efficiency format, and the entire file system has been recently upgraded.

      • Bacillus

        That’s a good example because it really is sophisticated and well-executed (compared to what I described above)
        However, sadly the user sees so little of it…except that the massive storage implications of abundant libraries are less of a burden now.

      • Bacillus

        Man, don’t even get me started.
        There is this hundreds of things you could do (better) with an iPad if it had a fast I/O port, But no, the iPad lives in a wireless world where it is “ready for Pro use”. So it doesn’t need a fast I/O, it doesn’t even need ports. But the “smart connector” is the exception on that rule. How smart is it ? Well, very smart from a marketing point of view probably.
        It is low-bandwidth so virtually useless for anything Professional – except for connecting energy-consuming keyboards, that with Bluetooth 4/5 hardly exist anymore (except maybe by Apple themselves)
        Then, to offer the iPad (cappuchino-) Pro (aimed at those Pro’s sitting in coffeebars all day) some exclusivity, it will have the unique iOS10/11 multi-view/multi-window environment that any iPad owner deserves and invested his money for, but destined exclusively for the cappuchino-Pro line.
        Because of “performance reasons”. Well, half of the older iPads lying around here have REAL performance reasons for 100% of the tasks because of the mandatory iOS upgrade cycle.
        And rest assured: they WON’T get bothered by a split screen copy/paste taking another half a second more.
        Then, 3Dtouch. Why introduce a technology that cant be scaled on iPads, is never getting mainstream, while it could be implemented software-wise to make it mainstream also for iPads ?
        Why do I even need to jailbreak my device to get the text cursor moved immediately and precisely ?
        Why would I invested in iWorks as an Office contender if the software gets a free by-product (as an escape for halfbaken support and lamenting development)
        Sorry, I didn’t want to spoil your day but you asked for it.
        Enjoy your 3 new icons…

  • Mads Teland

    Looks like there is a new app slide out animation in Multitasking πŸ™‚

  • Urname

    Very interesting they’d bury the Auto Display Brightness setting under Accessibility. TrueTone display incoming?

  • Catoblepas

    That app store icon so FUGLY. It was perfect. No need to abstract it further.

  • Martynet

    Public beta dropped too πŸ™‚

  • k8l

    How’s battery life ?

    • JulianZH

      pretty bad. the phone die on me within 30 mins of updated.

    • MMA Rules

      Don’t pay attention to him he is trolling

    • k8l

      Hi all! More seriously I find it better than previous beta.

  • techfreak23

    The blue icon in control center was already there in the previous beta…

  • [RECON1]
    • askep3

      Finally it shows the AirPods case in the widget!

      • Samir

        It been showed it. It was just buggy. Not new

  • Maps icon is different.

  • Kenneth Lin

    “New app icon in the Messages app”
    It should be New App Store icon in the Messages app.

  • Namra

    I found one change! When you install a new app, after tapping on install it shows “Done”

  • Mallouk Malek

    Can’t believe it 12k of non read mail OH MY GOD πŸ˜€ ! and i get nervous when i see 5 non read emails πŸ˜€

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      I can’t even bear to see just 1 as a badge number in messages. Emails don’t even get the badge privilege on my setup.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Why did they decide to hide Auto-Brightness under Accessibility? It was fine where it was.

  • pablo

    The blurry screen effect is stuck after reviewing a notification on the lock screen.