Apple on Tuesday invited its registered developers and members of the Apple Developer Program to update their product pages for iOS 11’s much redesigned App Store.

Specifically, developers can showcase their content with subtitles, promotional text, additional app previews that they can localize and up to 20 promoted In-App Purchases that users can buy on App Store, even if they haven’t downloaded an app that offers them.

A dedicated section on Apple’s portal for developers offers useful resources for making the most of the new product pages. Like before, new metadata is entered in iTunes Connect.

“Metadata you provide in iTunes Connect is shared across App Store on iOS 11 and iOS 10.3 and earlier, so you only need one version of product page elements, such as app name, icon, screenshots and keywords,” notes Apple.

iOS 11’s App Store features competently revamped product pages while providing dedicated Apps and Games tabs along with a new Today tab with original stories, editorial, tips, how-tos, interviews and more, updated daily, in a blog-like format.

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The App Store redesign lets developers spotlight apps with more engaging content, putting the most important information front and center for the customer making a download decision.

Developers can now submit up to three video app previews and five screenshots, which can now be localized so a user in any country can have a customized version of the video.

Accolades including Editors’ Choice and chart position are now highlighted by App Store, as are In-App Purchases and customer ratings and reviews.

The new App Store is now available as a preview to users of the iOS 11 public beta. Once iOS 11 launches for public consumption this fall, the redesigned App Store will be in the hands of hundreds of millions of users around the world.

App Store customers have now downloaded more than 180 billion apps and Apple has paid out over $70 billion to developers since the store launched in 2008, making it the most vibrant software marketplace in the world, according to the Cupertino giant.

  • nova12

    Question about iOS 11: on the lock screen, is there no longer swipe to the left and tap “clear” to get rid of a notification? we now have to 3D press and clear? or is it just wonky on my device?

    • Ds

      it’s the same on my 7+. There are no longer any swipe functions for notifications. It’s either tap the notification to open the app or 3D press to do everything else. but I’m sure that will change for people who will be running iOS 11 on pre 3D touch devices.

      • I have an iPhone 6 Plus and on mine I can simply tap and hold a notification and it opens the 3D Touch popup.

  • Bacillus

    Rename it AppScrollStore
    (and give us the old store back)

    • While I’ll admit the music app and the App Store redesigns are a bit of a pain on the phones they are the best they’ve ever been on the iPads.

      Good news is that Apple seems to flip flop on whether they are focusing on iPad or iPhones so I’m sure eventually we’ll get enhancements for the smaller screens but it appears their mandate was to make it as good as possible for the tablets and imho they’ve knocked it out of the park. Now hopefully in iOS 12 we’ll start to see a focus on iPhones again and can get some much needed enhancements there, but for now as a tablet user I couldn’t be happier to see it finally getting some love.

      • Bacillus

        While I am perfectly OK with iPad enhancements, they should make them iPad exclusive and start with springboard.
        All of which actually is patchwork in lieu of a lacking ipadOS.
        Gee man, we need an Applecar to travel from icon to icon.