Windows giant Microsoft today unveiled a nicely designed wireless keyboard with a built-in fingerprint sensor located between the Alt and Ctrl keys, as reported by Engadget.

Dubbed Modern Keyboard and priced at $129.99, the accessory lets users unlock their Windows 10 devices with a finger press using Windows Hello.

The dedicated Fingerprint ID key was designed to blend seamlessly so it would appear to be any other key, said Microsoft. The keyboard supports both wired connections via USB and wireless connections via the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 standard.

Although Modern Keyboard can be paired with any device via Bluetooth, fingerprint scanning does not work on iOS and macOS due to the lack of a dedicated Secure Enclave chip.

Featuring slim, low-profile design and a robust aluminum-clade frame, Modern Keyboard is “heavy and virtually indestructible”, according to Microsoft.

Like Apple’s Magic Keyboard, Modern Keyboard sports a built-in rechargeable battery with up to two months on full charge and provides seamless Bluetooth paring experience, with automatic pairing when first connected to a computer via a cable.

Microsoft also unveiled a brand new mouse.

Called Modern Mouse and priced at $49.99, it has an aluminum body and a metal scroll wheel.

The device looks visually similar to Modern Keyboard to match Microsoft’s Surface styling. Unfortunately, it uses AAA batteries with up to 12 months of run time on a single charge, not a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Furthermore, Modern Mouse is not compatible with macOS.

Both Modern Keyboard and Modern Mouse are listed as “coming soon” on Microsoft Store.

Apple currently sells an extended keyboard with a numeric pad that can be used in either wired or wireless mode. However, the company has yet to make a standalone keyboard with a built-in Touch ID sensor.

  • stylesbeyond

    buttons! in 2017…. haha please!!!! back to the drawing board microjunk

    • Digitalfeind

      “Microjunk”. Just as funny as “Crapple”.

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        Someone’s butthurt.

        PS. Not as funny as Micrapsoft

      • Mark S

        Microsloth FTW

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        Microsloth… OK, you win!

  • Leonard

    Yeah, a button is a very hidden Touch ID solution.

  • M_Hawke

    “Unfortunately, it uses AAA batteries with up to 12 months of run time on a single charge, not a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.” That’s not a “disadvantage.” For some, that is seen as an advantage. If you are on the go and do not necessarily have the time or ability to plug in somewhere, it is so convenient to be able to just drop some (very small and light) AAA batteries in! And it has a 12 months’ life, so definitely not an “unfortunate” thing. Come on, just report it as a spec.

    In spite of the two negative, typical Apple vs. MS comments below, this is slick. And so is the ad for the new Surface Pro 3 and 4. Very cool stuff.

    • aBallerDotCom

      Well considering I’m typing this comment using the same exact keyboard made by apple. One thing I would like for apple to steal from MS is the better computing power their devices run. apple seriously needs to get it together and quit trying to reduce what the consumers get or eventually it will be back to ms being back on top. Even though I think technically they are even if they haven’t caught on mainstream yet. The Surface Pro is very impressive and really blows anything apple is coming out with out of the water. I love apple but these people in the comments need to seriously look at how bad apple is doing now. Not talking about sales lets talk about the crap they are releasing and calling it good. Compared to what MS is releasing apple is releasing the same design from over 5 years ago. The iMac still looks the same. Meaning it will be a hassle to replace that failing hard drive again. I can go on and on about how much apple sucks right now my whole family uses the crap.

    • :D

      My Logitech keyboard is solar-powered. I’ve never had to worry about batteries/charging since getting it 2 years ago. To me, AAA and Li+ batteries are both disadvantages.

      But yh, I would probably choose AAA over Li+.

  • czbird

    So nice. Would be perfect if backlit.

  • Franklin Richards

    It’s pretty cool. But I’ll stay with my wired mechanical keyboard thank you.

  • Diego Milano

    Aw, I’m still waiting for the perfect keyboard. Logitech diNovo Edge was the closest one could get to perfection if it wasn’t for the fact you can’t use it while charging and has no backlit keys. The K810 is the second closest but I miss the old layout. Why is it there isn’t the best combination yet?