At the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this week, Apple unveiled a fourth major iteration to the watchOS operating system powering Apple Watch. The software offers many improvements, like more intelligence and fitness features, as well as a bunch of smaller fixes.

One of the new features in watchOS 4 will permit Apple Watch owners who dislike the honeycomb app grid to switch to a brand new list view of their apps.

To change the way you view and select apps on your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to go to the Home screen, then press the screen firmly with Force Touch and choose List View.

TUTORIAL: How to switch Apple Watch Home screen between grid/list view

The apps are now presented in a scrollable list view, sorted alphabetically. Just turn the Digital Crown to scroll through the list of apps, then tap one to launch it. To return to the standard honeycomb app layout, choose the Grid View option from the menu.

The only downside to using list over grid view is the inability to rearrange apps in list view.

You cannot change this setting from within the companion Watch app on your paired iPhone. This feature will be available to all Apple Watch owners as soon as watchOS 4 releases for public consumption this fall.

Keep in mind that the watchOS 4 software update will leave iPhone 5/5c users in the dark because it requires at least a paired iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 to download and install. As you know, iOS 11 has removed support for 32-bit devices like iPhone 4s and iPhone 5/5c.

How do you like this handy new feature in watchOS 4?

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  • burge

    Apple might just allow you to rearrange them as this is a beta and as more betas come out a few little extras come with them.

  • Trevnics

    I find the list way more convenient. Definitely subjective, but the fact that it’s in alphabetical order makes it extremely easier for me to find the app i’m looking for. Anyone feel the same way?

    • It is an improvement but it is not perfect to me because I’m not always sure what the name of some of my apps. For example, I have that app called Grocery, but I thought it was called Shopping for some reason, so I looked for it in the S section.

      As @disqus_x3XI71nj56:disqus said above, I feel like it would be nice to have the option to display most used apps on top.

      • Jeff Scott

        Force touch is not working on my watch….UGH! Is there any way to access the list view without force touching? Thanks Sebastien.

      • I don’t believe so

  • [RECON1]

    I wonder when we’ll see the new Toy Story watch faces.

  • pnh

    If you could have “most used” near the top instead of just alphabetical, that would be perfect.

  • ericesque

    I’m old enough to remember when people said iPhone should adopt the honeycomb home screen.

  • nova12

    I like this better than honeycomb but I almost never go to my home screen. There aren’t more than 7-8 apps that I actually use on the watch (as opposed to just getting notifications from apps I use on the phone). Those go in the dock (Grocery, Chamberlain MyQ, Music, Home control, alarms, timers, remote).

  • Iskren Donev

    I’m still more of a fan of the honeycomb design. On it you can see up to 27 icons on the screen, while with the list view you are limited to 5.

    It basically comes down to whether you prefer squinting at little icons or scrolling up and down all the time.

  • Blip dude

    I find apps faster with the honeycomb design.

  • Rick Cherry

    I have always been of the opinion Steve Jobs would not have been happy with the Apple Watch UI. I don’t think the honeycomb design is a disaster and the list interface is just a temporary step to fix a disaster. I think the correct answer would to be integrate Spotlight Search and Siri to allow people to easily find apps on the Apple Watch.

  • Philippe Vincent

    I dislike the new music app. before I could control my iphone music from my watch, now i only have what’s in my watch paired to bluetooth. gone are the days when phone was charging and i was lazy in the couch listening to friday’s new music.