Apple’s stock Podcasts app has undergone some visual changes in iOS 11. Functionally, a few things have moved around and some new features have been added.

For example, the Unplayed, My Podcasts, Featured, Top Charts and Search tabs lined up alongside the bottom of the interface have been replaced with a new and simpler tab layout: Listen Now, Library, Browse and Search.

Our resident video editor Andrew O’Hara has put together a quick video for you guys to see for yourselves Apple’s new design for the Podcasts app on iOS 11.

Watch Andrew’s video right below, then meet us in comments.

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The Listen Now tab combines podcasts you’re subscribed to (previously in the My Podcasts tab), recently played episodes (previously in the Unplayed tab) and shows other people like.

Under the new Library tab, you can easily browse all of the audio and video shows you’re subscribed to, as well as individual podcast episodes, ones that have been download to the device and the recently updated episodes of any shows you’re following.

The Browse tab is your storefront to the Podcasts section on iTunes.

There, you can swipe through featured podcasts Apple’s editors highlight at the top, access the full Featured section, see charts-topping audio and video shows, access the list of major podcast providers and browse all podcasts by category.

The Search tab now lets you choose between searching across podcasts in your library or all shows on iTunes. As evidenced by the screenshots, the redesigned app has adopted a bold font with much bolder headings and other visual cues borrowed from Apple Music on iOS 10.

Another feature iOS 11’s Podcasts app has borrowed from Apple Music is a completely revamped mini-player that can be now pressed with 3D Touch to access quick shortcuts pertaining to the currently playing episode.

Other tidbits worth mentioning include larger artwork and other visual tweaks to match the look and feel of other apps inside of iOS 11, as shown on the screenshot top of post. The official Podcasts widget has remained unchanged.

For those wondering, Apple still does not provide Podcasts for Apple Watch.

How do you like these Podcasts app changes on iOS 11?

Let us know by posting a comment below.

  • Michal

    How do you mark a podcast as played? I don’t always want to listen to a podcast, but no matter how many times I delete it it reappears in my queue! I hate this. When I try to explore to see if there is something I’m missing the app locks up. Do they even use this app?

  • Wendy Postlethwaite

    These changes make the podcast app almost unusable. I want:
    -To start playing a podcast and have it go to the next without selection or interaction
    -To set up my own list of play next
    -To viewi a list of podcasts with the number clearly available (rather than squares with tiny text below each)

  • Peter Casey

    A truly woeful downgrade. Getting rid of playlist and forcing the use stations without the ability filter is poor programming and terrible customer service.
    I listen to podcast while riding my bike, I want to press play and have the podcasts play in order until I tell it to stop. I want to only hear downloaded episodes and never want to look or have to select anything on the screen.