Apple on Monday shared five short switcher videos through its official channel on YouTube. Titled “Photos”, “Jump”, “Fast”, “Privacy” and “Music”, each runs sixteen seconds long.

The latest ad campaign uses the new tagline “Life’s easier on iPhone”.

The new clips promote some of the benefits of being an iPhone user, ranging from the official “Move to iOS” Android app (available free on Play Store) to the company’s in-house designed chips that make iPhone the fastest smartphone in the world in terms of single-core CPU benchmarks to Apple’s commitment to privacy and more.

Here are the videos.


“Switch to iPhone. The Move to iOS app makes it simple to move your photos, music and more to iPhone,” reads the video’s description.




“iPhone is designed to run fast. Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone.”


“We build iPhone with your privacy in mind. Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone.”

Apple also updated its “Switch to iPhone” webpage with a new design and additional information aimed at encouraging Android customers to consider switching to Apple’s phone.

The mini-site offers additional information on switching from Android to an iPhone with FAQ-style answers to questions like “Is the camera as good as they say?”, “Why is iPhone so fast?”, “What makes Messages so great?” and “Will I love my iPhone”, among other topics.

How do you like Apple’s new switcher videos?

  • TheShade247

    Do something innovative Apple and I will be more than happy to stay your customer. The only reason I was an iPhone user was because of Jailbreak and good tweeks. But now I can’t wait to get out of my contract and switch to Android.

    • Something innovative? Like creating the modern smartphone, introducing the App Store, SIRI, 3D Touch, 64-bit processing, the lightning cable, better wireless audio, Apple Pay and so on?

      I guess when you say do something innovative what you really mean is do something that directly impresses you personally so much that you won’t switch like you’ve already planned on?

      • Juschan

        I dont see anything innovativ on the androidside as well … i mean bezel less design is great but its an idea i had as a child when i got my first iPod touch and got real when samsung startet to make in their first real edgephones nothing new these days. Other than that Android is getting cleaned and both major os came another step closer to each other .. still the iPhone is the fastest Phone … Innovation is great but not inventing the wheel every year isnt a dealbreaker at least for me

    • Rowan09

      Why what are you looking to accomplish? What’s this great Android innovation you’re switching to by the way?

      • TheShade247

        Customization, better stability like we had in iOS 6 and earlier versions. New hardware design with more and better features than all other smartphones. Seriously I really miss Steve jobs and Scott Forstall.

      • Rowan09

        Better stability is not true and what better features are you speaking about? To be honest both OS are more the same than different. I own both so I can tell you the only different is customization (which to be honest slows down the phone S7 Edge) and the ability to download and install whatever apk from the web.

  • GrandMasterB

    I am an Android & iPhone user. Currently have the iPhone 7+ 256GB in Jet Black I don’t really use often and Galaxy s8+ Midnight Black that is my daily driver. I watched every one of these ads and every one of them is pretty terrible and makes me to anything *but* use my iPhone.

  • in your face S8

  • ilmeet singh

    without jailbreak iphone is useless

    • Huh… An here I thought my phone was actually pretty useful. Who knew I was so wrong?

    • Rowan09

      Why because of themes? You can pretty much install any app you choose on the phone since iOS 9 allowed side loading. I had no real need for a jailbreak anymore since I don’t use themes.

  • TwoSim

    my S8 is not slow than my iphone ok? apple.
    But every time apple anounce a new phone, my old phone will be very slow after software update.

    • Mahboob Afzal

      exactly agreed,

    • Rowan09

      No different with Android. My S7 which I barely use is a lot slower than when I first bought it. This is just tech in a nutshell.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I have to say I quite like these short 15-second spots. Precise, very well thought out and conveys the message. These videos do remind me of those Mac vs. PC TV spots, similar musical queues and elements. Nice little nod there. Also, I’m very happy they chose to highlight privacy and security and it made its own 15-second spot. This alone makes me as a customer and user feel safe, valued and important and I hope they keep making these great strides to further improve upon security and privacy. Ease of use, a great fluid user experience, elegant designs and privacy & security are what makes me a satisfied Apple customer with no intention of looking elsewhere.

  • Dougy

    Life is not easier with an iPhone.
    – You can’t receive/send files using the Bluetooth.
    – No file manager.
    – You can’t download/update app from the App Store that is over 100MB using mobile data.
    – The only way to copy media contents like Photos, music etc is only via iTunes.
    – And the list goes on and on.
    So I don’t think life is easy with an iPhone. Thanks to jailbreak, some of these restrictions can be bypassed.
    Anyway I love my iPhone 6s Plus & Nexus 5 all the same.

    • James G

      – AirDrop
      – iCloud Drive app
      – Agree this is annoying, but it helps manage data for those on Limited data plans (it should be an option)
      – Who manually copies music these days? Millions of people (and most people) are using streaming services now.

      Life is pretty easy with an iPhone.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I still manually copy my own music between my iPhone and Mac. It gives me greater flexibility and control over what I want on my phone. So do a lot of other people which is why it’s still a feature.

      • James G

        I don’t think it needs deprecation but iClous Music Library is a better experience IMO. I have access to my entire 200GB library and download what I want offline access to. Anytime I add something new to my library on my iMac or either MacBook Pro (work or home) it’s available on my iPhone no syncing required.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      How else would one go about copying media to or from a computer to the phone without the use of an application on a computer? Also, iTunes is not the only media manager for the iPhone, you can also use iAmazing for Mac (maybe a windows version exists or an equivalent) which is far more versatile than iTunes. Also yes you can send and receive files via Bluetooth that’s what Airdrop is for (if it’s music however you can maybe share a song but can’t save it to your music library for their own obvious reasons like the piracy, music sharing, buying your own music argument.

    • Perks of having a Mac. All of these issues (other than the 100MB cellular download limit) go away.

      • Dougy

        Oh u make it sounds as if having a Mac is cheap. Buy me a Mac then. FYI I prefer Windows PC over Mac.

      • Rowan09

        A MAC is pretty much the same price as a good PC. Plus you don’t have to prefer a Mac over a PC to get a Mac since you can easily put windows on it as well.

      • I said nothing about price, but have you ever considered buying used? If you can find a Mac user that loves having the latest and greatest and buy their old hardware you can save a LOT of money (depending on what kind of deal you can work out).

        But as far as cheap… it depends on what you mean by cheap. There is a buy in price, but as IBM announced last year, every Mac they deploy instead of a PC saves them up to $500 in a 4 year period (which has lead them to deploy almost 100,000 Macs in their company). Beyond that, many Mac Apps cost less than PC equivalents, they use less electricity than the average PC, hold their resale value longer, and last longer than the average PC.

        But to each their own. As a PHP web developer primarily these days I avoid Windows as much as possible, but if your personal tastes, hobbies (such as gaming) or work makes the PC a more attractive option then great. But the point originally was and is, if you had a Mac, your complaints would largely be taken care of.

    • Juschan

      Had an s7 and never sended any with Bluetooth ( in case u mean music -> spotify )
      Using a lot of office files in 10 different apps on daily bases and never needed a file manager
      Somehow im in wifi almost all the time
      All my Photos, music, is stuff i download only on time and even for that i did not need a pc
      I have never pluged in my iPhone to my Mac and to be honest my older S G S4 and S G S7 had lots of trouble with conectong to a Windows PC
      For me Life is a lot easier with my iPhone only thing pissing me still off is that missing headphonejack
      i had jailbroken iPhones up since i first got my handy on my 4s but for now i wouldnt even know what to improve with a jailbreak

    • Rowan09

      Life is easier.
      -You can send pictures through airdrop. You can even send large files over Gb in mail.
      -The 100 MB limit isn’t an iPhone thing, it’s also on Android due to people with data caps.
      -You can send photos to anyone either with email, airdrop, cloud services, etc.
      -They do have a file system but not as simple as finder
      -You can simply press on a phone number or tracking number and get the info (Android just getting this feature with O)
      -You can search for an app by simply using spotlight search
      -You can answer a WhatsApp, etc call like it’s a regular phone call
      -You can use FaceTime audio if you are out the country without need to worry of getting charge any fees.

      • Dougy

        Is there AirDrop on other OS like Android or BlackBerry? Duh!

      • Rowan09

        Huh? Can you send a file 1Gb through email with an Android or Blackberry? If you need to send a file you can send it without Bluetooth it’s not the only way. People just like to complain if something can’t be done because sending a file is not the fastest way through Bluetooth. Come on man you’re reaching on this one.