Apple’s mobile shopping app, aptly named Apple Store, now requires iOS 10.0 or later. This requirement happened in the last three days and even though it’s not a huge deal, it deserves to be mentioned. The app’s most recent update, dated March 9, included only “various improvements and performance enhancements,” according to Apple’s release notes. Apple Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is available at no charge from App Store.

Like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, AirPort Utility and other iOS apps from Apple, the Apple Store app is not part of iOS 10’s set of preloaded first-party apps so users must download it manually from App Store. If you already have the app installed and attempt to launch it, you’re greeted with an error message.

“The Apple Store app now requires iOS 10.0 or later,” reads the warning message. The prompt invites customers to update their device to the latest version of iOS “today” and offers an Upgrade button that invokes the Software Update mechanism.

Attempting to download the Apple Store app from App Store via an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running an earlier iOS version yields a similar message saying the app cannot be installed because it requires iOS 10.0 or later. “You must update to iOS 10.0 in order to download and use this application,” reads the App Store prompt.

iOS 11 may only support 64-bit apps because the upcoming iOS 10.3 software update includes a reworded prompt that now warns you after opening a legacy app that 32-bit apps “will not work with future versions of iOS.”

In February 2015, Apple started requiring that any new apps submitted to App Store offer 64-bit support. Since June 2015, all updates to existing apps must include 64-bit support as well.

According to Sensor Tower, 47,300 legacy apps vanished from App Store in October alone. The firm estimated that iOS 11 could kill an additional 187,000 apps later this year unless they’re updated for iOS 10, or about eight percent of all titles on the store.

Apple is expected to reveal iOS 11 and other major updates to macOS, watchOS and tvOS during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Thanks, Joshua!

Grab Apple Store for free from App Store.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    You’re welcome

  • David Gow

    My wife is still on iOS 9 or something hates updating her apps most the time it’s worse after the update

    • techfreak23

      Well unfortunately it’s not up to you whether to keep support for an older OS or not, especially if it’s a FREE app. If it’s paid, then there’s more of an argument but you don’t actually OWN the software. You license it…

    • igobythisname

      yupp! this has been an evil side of Apple since iOS 7 or so… very very bad & terrible!!!

  • Bill

    How long till they require the newest iOS for all apps? I rather like staying on 9.3.3, thanks.

    • Liggerstuxin

      Should have at least saved your 10.2 blobs.

      • Bill

        ? I never updated past 9.3.3.

      • Liggerstuxin

        You can save your blogs to start despite being on a different version.

    • Another year for most apps. But even after that, the iOS 9 versions will work for another 3-4 years (I’m still using some iOS 6 versions apps today).

  • Bugs Bunnay

    any jailbreak tweak to bypass this?

    • Jacques Bressin

      Try “App Admin”, but I had no luck on this app specifically. However if you havent updated yet, you would be able to block future updates to a specific versioN

  • Nesar

    Just use there web-based store than the app. That way you won’t need to update iOS

  • Jacques Bressin

    it’s a crappy move from Apple, I thought iOS couldnt start an app udapte if the required IOS version wasn’t good. Not only the app updated from 4.1 to 4.2, but the so called “previous version” mechanism doesn’t work, it only wants me to update to iOS10. I’m gonna check my trash on my iMac, maybe the previous version of the ipa is still here (or even Time Machine).
    Btw a tweak to prevent this should be “App Admin”, but in my case I couldn’t get it to work with “Apple Store” app :/

  • Robert Smith

    Make a Backup First. Its a Simple, important and recommended. Then install iOS 10.0 version.

  • AshtonNekolah

    The people are the first cause of all of this. I’m not updating crap because these guys find its time for me to update. And the the guy talking about license yea well try walking on private property with a big sign that says keep out. Well my device is private property and I say keep out and keep your license too. Like Att this is the same nonsense. There needs to be a group of people that will keep our privileges the way we want them. Another app to delete more space on my device I don’t shop in the Apple store anyway. So what’s next the Appstore?